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Senior guard Jabril Trawick and the Hoyas will face Florida and Kansas.

Men’s Basketball | Gators, Jayhawks Await

On Tuesday, basketball buzz on the Hilltop began in earnest when the Georgetown men’s basketball team announced its 2014-2015 schedule. Featuring its usual grueling stretch of Big East games, the schedule is also studded with several tough nonconference matchups against perennial powerhouses Kansas and Indiana, as well as an early-season[Read More…]

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Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was suspended indefinetly by the NFL. His original suspension was only two games long.

COMMENTARY: NFL Too Late in Rice Suspension

Even before TMZ released the video of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice knocking his then-fiance unconscious in a hotel elevator, we knew what happened. In February, we all watched the video of Rice and Janay Palmer entering the elevator. Seconds later we watched as he dragged her unconscious[Read More…]

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A traditional cannoli.

Crossing Borders with Culinary Skills

When I smell butter simmering in a skillet or hear chicken popping in a pan, I think of chicken potpie, my favorite dish from home. But I also think of my parents’ kitchen with the wooden table that’s since been replaced, the overflowing spice rack and the stack of newspapers[Read More…]

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The U.S. starting XI sing the national anthem before the Belgium-U.S. game on July 1.

U.S. Soccer Team Skill Deserves Global Recognition

After the “Why do Americans call it soccer?” question, the next most frequently asked question that I’ve fielded about U.S. soccer during my semester in Spain and then during my summer in Italy is: Do you really think the U.S. can compete with the best teams in the world? Do[Read More…]

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The iPad Wars: Fighting for Kids’ Attention

Rolling vineyards surround us. Palm trees stand like sentries by the driveway. The crystalline sea hides, just visible on the horizon. And a battle rages. It is a fight played out daily in this idyllic setting, me against an army: iPads, computers, iPhones, TV and video games. The winning prize?[Read More…]

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The Adventure of Finding Your Own Way

When I boarded the plane from Seville to Palermo, I had two suitcases, 17 euros, the phone number of my host family in Marsala, Sicily, and a plan: take a bus from Palermo airport to Trapani (a coastal town close to Marsala) and meet the family, who would then drive[Read More…]

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Through A Parent, Finding the Inner Child

Remember that line from “Mean Girls” when Regina George’s mom (played by the wonderful Amy Poehler) says to the teenage girls with a wink, “I’m not a regular mom. I’m a cool mom”? As I’ve been preparing to leave for Marsala, Italy, in a couple of weeks to work as[Read More…]

Lost in Translation: From Spain to Italy

With my semester abroad in Seville, Spain, coming to a close, I’m pleased to say that my Spanish has improved to the point where I’m finally able to express myself without wildly gesticulating at things. So, now that I’ve cleared the low bar of successfully maintaining conversations in Spain, I’m[Read More…]


Living Abroad, Not Studying Abroad

The mechanical half-smile I had determinedly cemented to my face finally cracked and faltered. Slowing to a walk, I tried for what felt like the thousandth time to orient myself among the maddeningly similar, taunting concrete towers. The unfamiliar panic that welled up inside me melted my last shred of[Read More…]

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MEN’S SOCCER | Hoyas Eliminated by Spartans in the NCAAs

As the final seconds ticked off the clock on Shaw Field on Sunday afternoon, a stunned silence settled over the crowd. After 90 minutes of closely-contested chances, the Georgetown men’s soccer team (14-5-2, 6-2-1 Big East) watched No. 11 seed Michigan State stream onto the field to celebrate its 1-0[Read More…]

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