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On Celebrity Obsession and Bill Cosby

On Celebrity Obsession and Bill Cosby

Last week, I took to the red carpet for what might be one of the last times this summer. Or, rather, I took to the side of it, pressed against reporters from Variety and In Style for The Gift world premiere as we stuffed ourselves with the free chocolate the[Read More…]

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Land of Opportunity

Land of Opportunity

Somehow, I’ve managed to pass the two-month mark of my first time in L.A, and while I’m often tempted to fall into the familiar cliche of saying that I feel like I just got here, I’d be doing this summer an injustice if I did. Thanks to my internships offering[Read More…]

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The Underdog Story

The Underdog Story

Ask anyone in entertainment or marketing, and they’ll tell you how much Americans love a good underdog. It’s the perfect formula if you’re trying to sell a movie or product: a relatable figure, paired with the perfect story arc. Art may imitate life, but in Hollywood, the reverse is just[Read More…]

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‘Orange is the New Black’ Fails to Renew its Spark

★★★☆☆ THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS “ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK” SPOILERS. Third time’s the charm, although maybe not for the ladies of Litchfield. “Orange is the New Black” returned to Netflix this month with characters reeling from the conclusion of its second season. Suzanne, or Crazy Eyes (Uzo Aduba), is still[Read More…]

There’s More Than the Glass Ceiling

There’s More Than the Glass Ceiling

Let’s talk about sex. In Hollywood, that covers a pretty broad umbrella of topics. Transgender issues, with Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner creating the most recent headline buzz. Growing claims of “male objectification” — think “Magic Mike” and Chris Pratt. Sex as the premise of popular comedies, like the upcoming[Read More…]

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Sweetgreen Takes the West Coast

Fear not, West Coast-bound Hoyas, Sweetgreen has finally extended its roots to California soil. The Los Angeles location, which opened in May of this year, marks the 30th Sweetgreen store, with a 31st set to open soon in Santa Monica. Founded in 2007 by Jonathan Neman (MSB ’07), Nicholas Jammet[Read More…]

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The Hollywood Story

The Hollywood Story

When I was five years old, I dreamed about sashaying down the red carpet. It took 15 years, but this week, armed with a wristband I could flash at security to get almost anywhere I wanted and blistering enthusiasm, I finally made it. “Made it” being a euphemism for being[Read More…]

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Taylor Swift’s new album “1989” has completely departed from her country origins, showcasing instead her talent as a successful pop singer.

Album Review: ‘1989’

★★★★☆ Taylor Swift wants you to know that she’s not selling out. While her fifth studio album may be a stark departure from her days as country music’s sweetheart, “1989” is less about appealing to the popularity of pop music and more about showing that this new style represents a[Read More…]

Victoria Schramm (COL ’12) announced the Georgetown Startup Stipend Program at last Friday’s Entrepreneurship Day.

Stipend Aids Entrepreneurs With Debt

StartupHoyas recently announced its new Georgetown Startup Stipend Program, which aids aspiring entrepreneurs with student debt, no strings attached. The program, funded by a donation from the Schramm family, aims to give students the fiscal support they need to pursue a startup after graduation. While the program will not pay[Read More…]

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Both Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union (left) and The Corp finished their hiring seasons earlier this week. While acceptance rates for the former remained competitive, The Hilltoss opened up 15 additional spots in the Corp for potential employees.

Corp, GUASFCU Welcome New Hires

As the rigorous application season for on-campus clubs wraps up, Students of Georgetown Inc. and Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union are welcoming their fall 2014 new hires. While the latter’s acceptance rate continued to remain competitive, The Corp’s overall hiring rate increased because of additional positions available[Read More…]

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