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GU Pride members wear T-shirts reading “I am” and walk through a door in Red Square in celebration of National Coming Out Day on Oct. 11.

LGBTQ Continues Fight for Campus Equality

The Supreme Court considered two cases in March with tremendous implications for the future of gay marriage in the United States, the culmination of a year in which LGBTQ policy debates were dominant on the Hilltop and across the country. Despite a changing tide of public opinion evidenced by the legalization of[Read More…]

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Georgetown Questions Online College Cost Tool

After the federal government unveiled an online cost comparison tool to help families manage the expenses of college education last week, the tool has drawn criticism from colleges for misrepresenting the amount of debt students are likely to incur. The Financial Aid Comparison Shopper, which was released as a beta[Read More…]

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Athletic Center Plans Advance Slowly

Updated plans for Georgetown’s Intercollegiate Athletic Center will move forward after being approved by the Old Georgetown Board Oct. 4 and the Commission of Fine Arts Oct. 18. The approvals came after the university adopted the April recommendations of both boards. According to university spokeswoman Stacy Kerr, the plans have[Read More…]

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Village C West Locks Changed

Though there have been no reported thefts in Village C West since the start of the academic year, the Office of Housing Services recently changed all the locks in the Y wing of the third and fourth floors. An e-mail was sent to all residents of those floors on Oct.[Read More…]

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GU Student Debt $1,435 Above National Average

While Georgetown student debt in 2011 was slightly higher than the national average, a lower overall proportion of its students were in debt. According to a study released Oct. 18 by the Institute for College Access and Success, approximately 66 percent of 2011 American college graduates had student debt, which[Read More…]

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National College Tuition Costs Sees Slow Growth

The rise of college tuition costs has slowed to its lowest rate in 40 years, according to a survey conducted by the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities. The survey, the results of which were released Oct. 16, found that tuition at private institutions across the country rose by[Read More…]

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Sales Tax Hits Food Trucks

Sales Tax Hits Food Trucks

Food trucks in the D.C. area are now required to charge a 10 percent sales tax in accordance with a new law enacted Oct. 1. The D.C. Council approved the tax in May, requiring vendors that bring in more than $3,750 worth of sales revenue in a quarter to charge[Read More…]

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Possible Video of Missing Alum Surfaces

A video appearing to show missing freelance journalist Austin Tice (SFS ’02, LAW ’13) alive and in the custody of masked gunmen has surfaced on YouTube, though experts have cast doubt on the video’s authenticity. Tice had been reporting in Syria for several news outlets, including The Washington Post, when he disappeared in mid-August.[Read More…]

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WMATA Reports $28M Surplus

WMATA Reports $28M Surplus

Two months after increasing D.C. Metro fares by an average of 5 percent, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority announced last week that it ended fiscal year 2012 with a $28 million surplus. The fare increase is the third in the last five years, in accordance with the Metro Board[Read More…]

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DC Students Speak Muted on Hilltop

Though the Georgetown chapter of advocacy group D.C. Students Speak has remained involved in registering students to vote, its presence on campus has receded in the wake of the resolution of the 2010 Campus Plan. DCSS is a nonpartisan group that seeks to amplify the student voice in the political arena.[Read More…]

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