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BAO, MACK & XIE: Protect Chinese Students

Georgetown University’s Chinese students need President John J. DeGioia’s support. On Feb. 13, 2018, FBI Director Christopher Wray implied Chinese students and faculty in America are spies in a Senate Intelligence Committee testimony. Wray’s xenophobia, fearmongering and discrimination run counter to Georgetown’s values of inclusion, respect and intercultural understanding. We[Read More…]

by February 27, 2018 6 comments Opinion, Opinion - Top

VIEWPOINT: Advancing Tuition Transparency

Getting a Georgetown degree is expensive. Right now, Georgetown University’s undergraduate tuition hovers at almost $52,000 per year, a figure that does not even account for necessary expenses such as room and board, books and other supplies. This number also reflects a 3.5 percent increase in tuition from the 2016-2017[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Unify to Defend DACA

Georgetown’s strongest asset is its community in diversity. The people on our campus  — the students in particular — cultivate and preserve our tradition of excellence. Due to our unique backgrounds, faith traditions and lived experiences, each of us serves as a valuable piece of the Georgetown puzzle, making our[Read More…]

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Mack and Andino have presented a platform centered on student health. entrepreneurship and affordability.

MACK & ANDINO: An Entrepreneurial Approach

The most pressing issue affecting Georgetown students is affordability. Becoming a more affordable campus involves much more than just the dollar amount of tuition; it involves every single line item on the university expense sheet and revenue sheet, and how those ultimately affect the cost of attendance for every student.[Read More…]

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