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"22 Jump Street" gave a perfect example of how no one knows exactly what to expect when they start living together in college.

Navigating the Delights and Difficulties of a Roommate

Having a roommate is a lot like living with a sibling. You see them at their worst, and they see the same of you. Just as interfamilial relationships can differ immensely, so can roommate relations. Not much can prepare incoming freshmen for what it will be like to live five[Read More…]

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Sam and Mikaela (Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox) in "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen."

The Risks of Going the Distance

Ah, the long-distance relationship. If there’s one thing we can all be certain of, it’s that this is not for the faint of heart. Sadly, many people who choose to make this commitment, don’t’ fully understand how difficult it can be. The typical difficulties of a long distance relationship are[Read More…]

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Despite what movies like "Adventureland" promise, not all dull jobs turn into something exciting.

The Downside of Summer

We all dream of summer vacation. And in part, our ideas of what those long, free days will hold are shaped by the countless movies we’ve seen about the adventures that can happen in this wonderfully unpredictable time. From movies like “Adventureland” that promise us that even a dull holiday[Read More…]

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The example set by the characters in "Community" may set unrealistic expectations about forming relationships.

The Question of Community

“Community” is not only a great show title, but also perfectly sums up the TV show’s Greendale Community College’s Spanish class study group. The show follows a group of students who hail from a multiplicity of races and age groups as they meet to study for a Spanish class they[Read More…]

Relationships formed at Georgetown that mirror that of Rudy and Fortune from the movie "Rudy" can be the most valuable.

The Search For Rudy’s Fortune

It can be easy to forget that part of what makes Georgetown our home for most of the year is the people who work there. Relationships formed with staff members are unlike those formed with faculty, friends or classmates. They are not better or worse, they just add a different[Read More…]


Certain freshman bros, while never reaching the frat-boy level as shown in "Neighbors," found bonds through their pranking.

An Ode to the Bros

Although I didn’t know it at the time, I have been getting talks since the day I arrived on campus. Every student has. However, the term “getting talks” did not come into existence until my second semester. It all started as a joke between a few of my friends. To[Read More…]