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A Guiding Light For Mental Health

Advocacy surrounding insufficient mental health resources on our campus is as commonplace and substandard as O’Donovan Hall’s food and lame jokes about its grungy food. However, while lousy garbage jokes may last only a few fleeting seconds, a negative experience with mental health resources at Georgetown can define one’s college[Read More…]

by January 22, 2016 0 comments Opinion, Opinion - Top
Engaging the Wrong Community

Engaging the Wrong Community

The number of complaints we’ve heard about Counseling and Psychiatric Services is unacceptable. With mental health at the forefront of national dialogue, it is no wonder that students have penned op-ed after op-ed after op-ed decrying what they perceive as CAPS’ failure to provide adequate treatment. While we urgently need to improve CAPS (and student government is trying),[Read More…]

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A Message From Your President and Vice President

Knock Knock. Who’s there? It’s us again. During the campaign, we promised to make Georgetown a YOUtopia. Many people, however, are still unsure of how we’re going to go about attaining perfection for the entire student body. Well, baby, let’s get enlightened. We decided to run for GUSA for two[Read More…]

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Je Suis Charlie, Je Suis The Heckler

A few months ago, within the Georgetown Heckler, we debated the merits of retaining pseudonyms as we updated our website. I mentally conjured the image of a frustrated Todd Olson attempting to find the NetID of Ed Nonymous, Devyn or Ian Cognito and wondered what was the worst that could[Read More…]

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