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Homecoming Tradition is Indispensible at GU

THE HOYA Editorial Board has proposed the idea of moving Homecoming to overlap with the beginning of Georgetown basketball season rather than with a football game that few people see or care about (“Homecourt Homecoming,” THE HOYA, Oct. 24, 2006, A2). Just because we all adore a basketball team that[Read More…]

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Hard-headed Rhetoric Injures Peace Prospects

A great proportion of Georgetown students have taken International Relations – after all, it is a requirement for students in the School of Foreign Service. I personally did poorly in the course, but I learned enough to understand the key tenets of realism, a term used to describe relations between[Read More…]

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Fox’s O’Reilly Goes Too Far in Attacking GU

I’ll admit to being a conservative. I call Louisiana home, am staunchly pro-life and voted for Bush without a moment’s regret. Proudly, I’ll fess up to backing Israel over those who want to destroy her, democracy over tyranny, religiosity over secularism – as would most who identify themselves with the[Read More…]

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