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GUSA Constitutional Council Hears GU272 Suit Arguments

GUSA Constitutional Council Hears GU272 Suit Arguments

Plaintiffs challenged the constitutionality of the GU272 vote but argued their suit does not oppose the referendum’s objectives at a Georgetown University Student Association Constitutional Council hearing April 17. The case, “Saydlowski and Castaldi-Moller v. Ethics and Oversight Committee, Election Commission, and GUSA,” was filed by Rowan Saydlowski (COL ’21)[Read More…]

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Former Senator Challenges GUSA Chief Justice

Former Senator Challenges GUSA Chief Justice

Dylan Hughes (COL ’19), former chair of the Georgetown University Student Association Ethics and Oversight Committee, challenged the constitutionality of GUSA Constitutional Council Chief Justice William Morris’ (COL ’19) extended tenure in an email April 17. Hughes was one of two parties named in a suit filed by Rowan Saydlowski[Read More…]

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Increased Representation for Women in New GUSA Senate

Increased Representation for Women in New GUSA Senate

Seven women were among the 18 students officially sworn in as newly elected senators of the 2019-20 Georgetown University Student Association in a weekly meeting Sunday, marking a rise in representation for women compared to previous elections. The female senators sworn into the 2019-20 GUSA senate represent a significant demographic[Read More…]

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Margaret Fouberg for The Hoya | Outgoing GUSA Speaker Eliza Lafferty (COL '21) speaks at a Senate meeting this semester. The Senate was scheduled to approve the results of the referendum at a meeting Sunday before the suit was brought before the Senators.

GUSA Constitutional Council to Hear Suit Against 272 Referendum

The Georgetown University Student Association’s Constitutional Council will address a suit filed by two students that seeks to overturn the results of last week’s referendum to establish a semesterly fee that would go toward a fund benefiting the descendants of the GU272. Rowan Saydlowski (COL ’21) and Chris Castaldi-Moller (SFS[Read More…]

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GEORGETOWN INITIATIVE ON CATHOLIC SOCIAL THOUGHT AND PUBLIC LIFE | Lawyers have played a dual role in the sexual abuse crisis, protecting the church through confidentiality agreements while helping survivors attain recourse, panelists said at an event hosted by Georgetown's Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life and hosted by its director, John Carr. 

Attorneys Can Prolong, Publicize Clerical Abuse Crisis, Panelists Say

Panelists praised attorneys of survivors Monday for holding the Catholic Church accountable for the clerical abuse crisis, while also acknowledging the role of lawyers in the Church’s efforts to cover up sexual misconduct. Lawyers have played a critical role in confronting and publicizing the clergy sexual abuse crisis, according to[Read More…]

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FILE PHOTO: KIRK ZIESER/THE HOYA | Members of the Jewish Student Association attended a Muslim prayer service March 22, a week following the deadly shooting at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand that killed 50 worshippers.

Muslim, Jewish Communities Demonstrate Solidarity After Tragedy

Every Friday, Muslim Life at Georgetown University runs weekly Jum’ah prayer services at 1:30 p.m. in Bulldog Alley. At the March 22 service, attendees grappled with responding to a devastating massacre. A week earlier, a gunman stormed two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, killing 50 worshippers and injuring 50 others.[Read More…]

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Jewish Life at GU Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Jewish Life at Georgetown celebrated its 50th anniversary March 22 with a special Shabbat that brought together current and former students and faculty to remember the history of the Jewish community at Georgetown University. The event included Shabbat prayer services as well as speeches by students and administrators. Numerous Jewish[Read More…]

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Economic Experts Urge Renewed Participation in International Trade

Increased commitment to international economic cooperation from world powers is necessary to protect the advantages of globalism, according to a March 13 panel of economic experts that included the former president of the World Bank. Leaders need to fight to preserve free international trade in light of increasing protectionism, especially[Read More…]

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NATIVE AMERICAN STUDENT COUNCIL/FACEBOOK | A petition calling on the university to expand resources for Native American students will be circulated beginning March 19.

Native American Students Draft Petition; Seek Community Support

The Georgetown University Native American Student Council plans to begin collecting signatures from students on a petition urging the university to increase support for and representation of indigenous students by March 19. The petition is set to be submitted to the Office of the President on April 1, the first[Read More…]

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DC Council Considers Bill Prohibiting Cashless Retailers

DC Council Considers Bill Prohibiting Cashless Retailers

A bill that would force retailers throughout D.C. to abandon their no-cash policies is being considered by the D.C. Council as part of a renewed effort to ban Washington, D.C., businesses from denying cash payments. The Cashless Retailers Prohibition Act of 2019 was introduced Feb. 5 and classifies a retailer[Read More…]

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