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Hidden down a staircase on Wisconsin Avenue is Simply Banh Mi, a Vietnamese restaurant that offers fresh, tasty dishes and gorgeous patio seating. The shrimp banh mi is a solid classic sandwich.

Underground Vietnamese Restaurant Keeps it Simple

When people speak of restaurants that are hidden gems, they usually just mean that the restaurant is not well-known. However, when someone speaks of the new Vietnamese restaurant, Simply Banh Mi, the word “hidden” would actually be a pretty accurate description. Just a couple of blocks past CVS on Wisconsin[Read More…]

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Jeza (COL '09) will perform at this year's GEMA Rocks.

Campus Concert Unites Generations of Talented Musicians

When a Hoya names notable alumni, famous politicians, diplomats and lawyers are usually at the top of the list. Not quite so obvious are the names of successful alumni musicians. Despite the fact that Georgetown has produced a slew of successful musical talent that includes Grammy winners and big recording[Read More…]

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From DC to London, Taking Artistic Passion Abroad

From DC to London, Taking Artistic Passion Abroad

Sing? Act? Dance? Psychoanalyze? Alexandra Waldon (COL ’15) can do it all. Following professional training, Waldon came to Georgetown to extend her education. The psychology and theater double major has not only been in a Georgetown show every semester, but is also very involved in the Phantoms, a campus a[Read More…]

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Georgetown’s Debate Team spends countless hours preparing for its competitions. It has won two national championships in the past three years

Dedicated Debaters Win Big

It was 30 seconds before the final round of the National Debate Tournament when Andrew Markoff (SFS ’14) received a final email message from his coach. The subject? Fundamentals. After four years, thousands of hours of preparation and a season full of tournaments, everything had all come down to the[Read More…]

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Paving a Rough Road to Peace

Paving a Rough Road to Peace

Elijah Jatovsky (SFS ’16) was running with Jacob Sorrells (SFS ’16) to the Capitol when Jatovsky happened to mention J Street U, an organization he had heard of at home. Fully expecting to have to explain to his friend that J Street U is a national organization dedicated to finding[Read More…]

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Set to Stir Up Appetites

Set to Stir Up Appetites

Most college students love food. But with small dorm room kitchens, repetitive choices at O’Donovan Hall and the expensive prices of Georgetown restaurants, food around campus can sometimes lose its luster. Anne Gilliland (COL ’16) and Tori Goodell (COL ’16), founders of the Georgetown chapter of Spoon University, intend to[Read More…]

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Chipotle-Style Greek Grill Proves Simple is Better

4/5 stars $ Just like Mexican food has its Chipotle, pasta has its Noodles and Company and Asian has its Shophouse, easy, convenient and delicious Mediterranean food has found a home in Cava Mezze Grill. The chain restaurant is open at five locations around D.C., including lively Columbia Heights and[Read More…]

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Healthy Fare

Healthy Fare

DC Bread & Brew 1247 20th St. NW $$$$ Nestled away on a side street off of Dupont Circle, DC Bread & Brew would be easy to walk by. The cafe offers healthy food that is sure to satisfy. Its pizza selections, with toppings such as spinach and artichoke hearts,[Read More…]

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Battling for Bagels and Beyond

Battling for Bagels and Beyond

Abby Cooner (SFS ’16) was recently elected as one of two senators-at-large for GUSA. As “the smallest senator-at-large,” Cooner has been quite active in her short tenure and role as an active woman leader at Georgetown. She brought Grab ‘n’ Go lunches to Einstein Bros Bagels and helped set up the ElectHer conference to encourage female leadership in[Read More…]

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Bringing the Bard to Campus

Bringing the Bard to Campus

When director Kathleen Joyce (COL ’15) cut herself shaving with an old razor, she was inspired to create her show. As the cut became infected, it appeared more and more gruesome. “It kind of looked like a gunshot wound,” she said. “I had my hair and makeup people take a[Read More…]

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