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FLEMING-KLINK: Criminal Justice Reform, One Box at a Time

For those seeking to enact criminal justice reform and policies aimed at increasing the chances of employment for ex-offenders, referred to as returning citizens, there exist particular policies normally discussed as ‘banning-the-box’. Such policies require employers to remove the box on employment forms that applicants are asked to check if[Read More…]

FLEMING-KLINK: Prejudice Pervades Our Justice System

Our criminal justice system is not broken. Instead, it works with breathtaking, astonishing effectiveness — without flaw, inconvenience or inefficiency — to achieve its purpose: the subjugation of impoverished communities and communities of color in America. Conversations about criminal justice cannot take place in the absence of our nation’s historical[Read More…]

The Precarious Proposals of Bernie Sanders

Our generation loves Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). In most polls, Senator Sanders wins close to 85 percent of democratic voters aged 18 to 29, and around 60 percent of those aged 33 to 44. Sanders has drawn, with striking regularity, crowds of over 100,000 people. I personally felt the energy[Read More…]

Why the GOP Is White

America is failing poor, rural, white communities. Of course, I do not intend to ignore the poverty and discrimination facing rural, black communities. Such communities suffer not only from the challenges I will mention in this piece, but also endure the deep roots of racial discrimination that black individuals and[Read More…]

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FLEMING-KLINK: The Real Dangers Of Toxic Masculinity

On our way back from New York City over Christmas break, my family and I waited in line for gas at a major stop in Delaware. At one of the pumps was a pickup truck with six people — all Caucasian — three men, two women and one teenage boy.[Read More…]

FLEMING-KLINK: Balancing Respect and Speech

FLEMING-KLINK: Balancing Respect and Speech

Before we left for break, I was sitting in my common room of New South 3 with our two RAs and some fellow NS3ers. We weren’t really talking about anything of particular note, but a little way into the conversation the Office of the President sent out an email notifying[Read More…]

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Love Fosters Lasting Peace

Love Fosters Lasting Peace

Monday nights for me, since the latter days of August, have meant calls home to my mother, sister and father. I usually ask for a recap of the important things I am missing back in Richmond — only the big ones though, because my mom can really talk — and[Read More…]

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Vote Yes to Divest

Vote Yes to Divest

For too long, Georgetown University — and the vast majority of its peers — has invested in fossil fuels. For too long, these investments have given financial support to companies that significantly contribute to a rapidly changing climate. For too long, these investments have disproportionately affected minority groups and impoverished nations.[Read More…]

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