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Growing Up Georgetown

Growing Up Georgetown

Neal Chaudhuri (COL ’16) didn’t study for his first Georgetown exam. Instead, over 10 years ago, his father had no choice but to rush him to the classroom at the last minute when the babysitter cancelled. Neal’s father, Adhip, taught economics at Georgetown from 1979 until his retirement last year.[Read More…]

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Adjunct Unionization a National Struggle

Last year, Michael Ng worked three jobs to make $34,000, and his situation is not a unique one. Ng, an adjunct professor at Seattle University, is one of the many faces of the adjunct unionization movement that is sweeping the country. But Ng, who taught at Pacific Lutheran University in[Read More…]

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Law Center Takes Heat for Loan Policy

Law Center Takes Heat for Loan Policy

The Georgetown University Law Center received criticism for its Loan Repayment Assistance Program earlier this month. Because the Law Center’s LRAP is funded with federal dollars, the university charges higher rates for tuition than is necessary, the Federal Education Budget Project at the New America Foundation Director Jason Delisle and program associate Alex Holt[Read More…]

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Healey Family Student Center Pub Owner Solicits Student Feedback

Students joined Mason Inn owner Fritz Brogan (COL ’07, LAW ’10) at a planning forum for the Healey Family Student Center pub Wednesday night. Fourteen students attended the forum, as did Assistant Vice President for Auxiliary Services LennieCarter and Georgetown University Alumni Association President George Peacock (COL ’84). The meeting, held[Read More…]

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Law Professor Nominated for Head of Regulatory Affairs

Georgetown University Law Center professor Howard Shelanski was named President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, the nation’s chief regulation review body, April 25. Shelanski, currently on leave from Georgetown and serving as the director of the Bureau of Economics at the Federal Trade[Read More…]

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Car Crashes Into Wisey’s Fence

Car Crashes Into Wisey’s Fence

A car crashed into the fence separating Wisemiller’s and The Tombs late Monday night. The incident occurred behind Wisemiller’s in the parking lot, which is university property, according to Tombs Manager Chris George (COL ’09). George said he heard about the incident around 10:30 p.m. but was not sure what would be done about[Read More…]

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Roller-Coaster Year for Jesuit Community

Roller-Coaster Year for Jesuit Community

Georgetown’s Jesuit tradition always produces its annual share of storylines, but this past year was particularly transformative for the Society of Jesus with Pope Francis elevated in March to serve as the first Jesuit pontiff. On the Hilltop, the Jesuit community faced not only vandalism, departures and closures, but also[Read More…]

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University Ramps Up Security Efforts

Georgetown will be increasing security following the bombings at the Boston Marathon, according to an email sent to the university by Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety Jay Gruber Friday morning. DPS will work the Metropolitan Police Department and ensure more uniformed officers on campus.Gruber urged the Georgetown community to remain vigilant[Read More…]

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Body Discovered Near Key Bridge

A body was found in the Potomac River near the Key Bridge around noon today. According to the Metropolitan Police Department, the male corpse was discovered floating about 400 yards from the bridge. Police do not yet know the identity of the man or the cause of death. This is[Read More…]

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Wisconsin Ave. Closed After Suspicious Package Reported

A suspicious package on a bike near the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and K Street shut down part of the street this evening. According to Metropolitan Police Department Public Information Officer Hugh Carew, the package was reported around 5:12 p.m. by a caller. The street was subsequently cordoned off and opened[Read More…]

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