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A Perspective on Sports and Life, From Mother With Love

Another Mother’s Day has come and gone, and I have not followed through on my promise of a Cadillac. Since I was young, I have read about how athletes, the ink barely dry on their multi-million-dollar contracts, buy their mothers shiny Cadillacs so they can “cruise to the games” in[Read More…]

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Miami Sports’ Big Three Head South for the Season

The sun rose bright in Boston Monday morning, fending off one final chilly surge from old man winter. Runners of the 112th Boston Marathon were ascending Heartbreak Hill and charging down Copley Square. Manny Ramirez and the reigning champion Red Sox were taking batting practice at Fenway, preparing to lay[Read More…]

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Selfish Kobe Still Doesn’t Deserve MVP Honors

I’ve never been the biggest Kobe Bryant fan. I’ve always found him to be a bit selfish, a tad aloof and somewhat disrespectful toward women. He is a fantastic basketball player – quite possibly the best of his generation – but his habit of refusing to share the ball with[Read More…]

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Greedy Sports Monopolists Prove Easy to Root Against

The New York Yankees. The Dallas Cowboys. The Los Angeles Lakers. Behold the sports worlds’ axis of evil. Rooting for them to lose has become as much fun as pulling for your team to win. Driven by a triumvirate of greedy, power-mongering men, these three franchises encompass all that is[Read More…]

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Tar Heels’ Bench May Not Be Great, But They’re Still Good

Carolina fans have plenty to cheer about these days. When your team has outscored its four tournament opponents 372-271 and has a National Player of the Year and four future pros in the starting five, you tend to spend a lot of time exercising your vocal chords. But no matter[Read More…]

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Curry Outshines Hoya Stars In Seniors’ Final Game

Roy Hibbert sat on the bench, averting his eyes from the game before him, willing his mind elsewhere. Home. Egypt. Anywhere but here, in this excruciating moment. This was not how it was supposed to end. This was not the way he’d pictured his curtain call in Blue and Gray[Read More…]

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Fans Need Consolation After NCAA Highs

The feeling has festered within you for days. Sadness soured into anger. Anger acidified into vengefulness. Now, you find yourself hopelessly longing, wishing for a chance to see Sunday afternoon’s atrocity in Raleigh vindicated. You are hollow and empty, jonesing for just one more taste. You need some consolation (games).[Read More…]

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Analysis: Bland Opener Done, Hoyas’ Tourney Gets Spicy in Second Round

RALEIGH, N.C. – For those in search of madness, go look in a nuthouse. You won’t find it in this space. No Duke-Belmont ballistics here. Not a moment of Drake and Western Kentucky drama. A Toreros-Huskies upset special this was not. Not in a game pitting Georgetown against UMBC. Not[Read More…]

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Why You Should Book Your Ticket to San Antonio

This Ain’t Their First Rodeo – The NCAA tournament is a stage unlike any other in basketball, and only those who have performed under its bright lights know how hard it can be to withstand the pressure. When it comes to the Big Dance, it’s helpful to have a few[Read More…]

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Chris Wright: X-Factor

Things were going swimmingly in the Georgetown locker room following a convincing win over West Virginia in the Big East semifinals. Tyler Crawford shared a laugh with John Thompson Jr. while Jon Wallace munched on some postgame peanut butter crackers. Patrick Ewing hummed an off-pitched modal melody as he watched[Read More…]

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