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Album Review: ‘Helios’

Album Review: ‘Helios’

3/5 stars With the release of its album “Scars and Stories” in 2012, The Fray seemed bent on sticking with its well-known musical style. Mixing the soft tones of piano with mellow rock, the band continued to mirror the genre that allowed earlier singles like “How to Save a Life”[Read More…]

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Catherine, played by Katie Bellamy Mitchell (COL '15) and Hal, played by Sean Craig (COL '16) must team up to work out the mystery of her late father's life.

The Proof Is in the Production

Devoid of lavish set designs and elaborate arrays of props, director Emma Rice’s (NHS ’15) “Proof” captures the audience’s attention with a very different set of visuals. With a cast of only four actors, the play relies on a deliverance of dynamic, believable emotions to breathe reality into the story.[Read More…]

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