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Artist Interview: Stephen Talasnik

Born in Southwest Philadelphia, Stephen Talasnik began experimenting with organic material and geometric designs at a young age. His passion has only intensified over time, and his artwork has developed into a mature and idiosyncratic style. In his exhibit “Linear Transformations,  Structures of Questionable Origins,” currently on display at the[Read More…]

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Artist Interview: Terry Svat

Artist Interview: Terry Svat

Terry Svat is a local artist in the District whose unique, experimental printmaking is gaining traction in the art world. Her work was recently shown in the exhibit “My 20 20 Vision”, whose pieces drew from all stages of life experiences and in a way allowed her to reinvent her[Read More…]

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Robert Woods Bliss Collection

Robert Woods Bliss Collection

The Robert Woods Bliss Collection provides a stunning look into the diverse life of pre-Columbian culture. The exhibit is housed in the more recent add-on to the museum which boasts floor-to-ceiling glass windows and is oriented around a central fountain, and its natural imagery of the ancient works is emphasized[Read More…]

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Courtesy Nasser Kalaji
Kim Bodnia as the interrogator and Gael García Bernal as Maziar Bahari in Jon Stewart’s directorial debut “Rosewater” about Bahari’s experience.

Targeting the Truth

Last Sunday, Iranian-Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari came to Georgetown with Jon Stewart to screen the latter’s directorial debut “Rosewater,” a drama based on Bahari’s experiences of interrogation and incarceration in Iran. His father and sister were both arrested for their political views, and at first Bahari distanced his work from[Read More…]

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Yatpang Cheung (MSB ’17) spent over 200 hours coding his new app “Blurtalk.”

Sophomore Designs Innovative Social App

On the Hilltop, students seem to juggle dozens of different projects, some of which are never fully realized because of time constraints and other priorities. This year, Yatpang Cheung (MSB ’17) sought to break the mold and create his own iPhone app. With countless hours of planning and dedication, Cheung[Read More…]

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Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne play Jane and Stephen Hawking in the new movie “The Theory of Everything.” Redmayne spoke in an interview of the couple’s complex relationship and how the two changed over time in response to Stephen’s growing illness and career.

Film Bursts With Life

With the rise of the controversial ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and the university’s debated policies concerning disabled students, “The Theory of Everything” comes just in time to take part in these ongoing conversations. Based on his first wife Jane Hawking’s 2004 memoir, the movie chronicles the overlapping personal and professional[Read More…]

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Gael Garcia Bernal plays Newsweek reporter Maziar Bahari in Jon Stewarts directorial and screenwriting debut film “Rosewater.”

Movie Review: ‘Rosewater’

★★★★★ It’s tough to find a lasting sense of humor when you take a closer look at the horror of the world’s latest current events. With multiple journalists falling victim to the violent radicalism of the Islamic State, somber stories seem to be emerging every day on our news outlets.[Read More…]

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The Eighth Wonder of the World

The Eighth Wonder of the World

There they sit, two small figures sailing Fingers through mud, and slowly trailing Brown earth, curved calligraphies Of ancient Tigris and Euphrates Her sky-blue silk sundress is battered By the monsoon dirt they’ve thrown and scattered His glasses dimmed by the dusty fog Of a whirling, windswept Sahara mirage All[Read More…]

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Theater Review: ‘Julius Caesar’

Theater Review: ‘Julius Caesar’

A maddened woman on the verge of tears speaks out from the front left corner of the stage. Her pleading words drift over the audience, while behind her several men pose still as statues halfway up a large gray staircase. A drum beats, and the men take another step upward[Read More…]


Forging a Social Life

Georgetown has spent the past several years trying to bring students’ social lives back to campus. While policy changes like the abolishment of the limit on the number of kegs an apartment can have and the elimination of the party registration system have proven effective, one thing is for certain:[Read More…]

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