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A.I. Arouses Philosophical Questions

A.I. Arouses Philosophical Questions

It is not an easy feat, grappling with the philosophical issues that lie at the heart of human thought: what constitutes our sense of morality, and what makes us truly human? Screenwriter Alex Garland’s directorial debut “Ex Machina” attempts to unpack these questions and provide an answer that may not[Read More…]


A Nest of Cultural Controversy

In most acting arenas, flat foil characters exist to complement and develop the more complex personalities of their peers. The Theater and Performance Studies Program’s current production of “Slow Falling Bird” transcends this usual strategy, embedding into each of its characters a multidimensional identity that enriches their overlapping stories. Combined with[Read More…]

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Movie Review: ‘Insurgent’

Movie Review: ‘Insurgent’

★★★☆☆ Lately, the literary and cinematic markets have become saturated by formulaic young adult fiction that seems to recycle the same core elements. Since its film release last March, “Divergent” has battled its pervasive image as a lesser “Hunger Games” imitator, and  this struggle to break loose from its pigeonholed[Read More…]

Jonathan Quigley is a bartender who works at The Tombs. His quirky talents and jam-packed life have become well known among students.

Local Tombs Employee Raises the Bar

Jonathan Quigley is a man of many talents. A lawyer by day, a bartender by night and a father to three children 24 hours a day, Quigley has somehow managed to balance the different aspects of his life in a way that is sure to make current college students envious.[Read More…]

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Cast Carries August Wilson Play

Cast Carries August Wilson Play

Arena Stage’s iconic Fichandler Stage was filled almost to its 683-seat capacity last Thursday for the opening night of “King Hedley II.” With a stunning cast capitalizing on a script of powerful social and political implications, the production lived up to the legacy of its playwright August Wilson. Set in[Read More…]

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Valentine’s Day is full of longstanding customs dating back across the centuries. However, its significance for Georgetown students refuses to be a stable one; this past weekend, both heterosexual and LGBTQ couples challenged traditional romantic norms in their effort to celebrate the holiday.

Unconventional Valentines

Valentine’s Day has a set of expectations and traditions compiled throughout the centuries. Today, however, it’s a largely commercialized event notorious for its avalanche of food, flowers and all things heart-shaped. Yet amid the hand-holding, gift-giving, movie-watching and dessert-indulging, discussion about the significance of the holiday spurs a range of[Read More…]

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Georgetown Bookstore employee Luanne Buzzanca likes to spend her free time finding ways to express herself and getting creative in the form of poetry.

A Poetic Voice from an Unexpected Place

On this hectic campus, it is all too easy to forget about the employees working almost every day to provide services for Georgetown students. LuAnne Buzzanca is a full-time cashier and customer service employee for the Georgetown University Bookstore. This past week, she and her coworkers celebrated her 30th year[Read More…]

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Although its past plays have risked criticism and censorship, Ajoka Theatre remains a popular cultural outlet in its home country, Pakistan.

Humor is Universal

  From a cartoonist’s pencil to a playwright’s pen, satire can be wielded as a potent weapon against malignant forces, such as ignorance or extremism. “Amrika Chalo,” running this weekend as part of the Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics’ Myriad Voices festival, aims to tackle both these oppressive elements,[Read More…]

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Sarah Snook plays an androgynous character struggling with his sexuality in the sci-fi thriller "Predestination."

Movie Review: ‘Predestination’

★★★★☆ Whenever a movie about time travel is released, its logic quickly falls prey to scientific criticism. Can two versions of the same material self exist simultaneously? Were things always meant to happen a certain way, or is there room for deviation? How would a time machine even work anyway?[Read More…]

Jack O'Connell plays Olympian and Air Force Lieutenant Louis Zamperini in Angelina's directorial debut "Unbroken."

Movie Review: ‘Unbroken’

★★★☆☆ Movies set during famous wars often struggle to genuinely do justice to the events they portray. “Unbroken,” which is based on the non-fiction book “Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption,” unfortunately suffers a similar fate, failing to meet the high standards that this best-selling[Read More…]