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For Women Leaders, Mentorship Abounds

This summer, I was in a room with over 1,000 collegiate women, energetic and passionate about creating more female student leaders. I was at the 2014 National Conference for College Women Student Leaders as Georgetown’s American Association of University Women liaison, and I have never seen a community of women[Read More…]

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Through Campus Groups, Diversity is Celebrated

I have always been used to diversity and difference. In Myanmar, I attended an international school where my classmates were the children of foreign diplomats from all over the world. I attended high school in New York City where the student body was 60 percent Asian and the school atmosphere[Read More…]

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Women Leaders Empower at Home and on Campus

I grew up as an only child, greatly coddled by my parents who believed that I could do anything I wanted. I was afforded many luxuries, including my mother’s support and care as she stayed at home to raise me. Although my mother graduated from college and had career prospects,[Read More…]

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Asian-American Students Celebrate Cultural Identity

When I lived in Myanmar, I went to an international school comprised of students from all over the world. This exposure helped me to embrace the world’s different cultures as well to learn how to be proud of my own. Because of this experience, I began to hold my racial[Read More…]

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Alternative Rock Album Proves Pleasantly Moody

Alternative Rock Album Proves Pleasantly Moody

4/5 stars While I’ve always been a big fan of the alternative and rock scene — especially artists like Alt-J — I’ve never actually sat down and listened to the relatively well-known alternative rock band The Naked and Famous. This group, composed of Alisa Xayalith on vocals and keyboards, Thom Powers on[Read More…]

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Girls’ Getaway in Thailand’s Untouched Paradise

Last week, I found myself on a vacation within my summer vacation. While I had already visited Bangkok from my seasonal home in Myanmar, I ended up in another part of Thailand, albeit a place a little less explored. In an effort for to discover a new part of the[Read More…]

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Of Markets and Monsoons

Everyday around 5 p.m., my mother and I take a stroll to a local market half a mile away from our home in Yangon. Although there is a large supermarket chain just a street away, I prefer the small stands, brimming with a myriad of vegetables and fruits that arrive fresh[Read More…]

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Old Vacations in a New Land

One of the benefits of spending a summer in Southeast Asia is that there is a plethora of places close by to explore. While it would take four hours to travel from Georgetown to New York by car, trips to destinations such as Singapore and Malaysia are, at the most,[Read More…]

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Korean Eatery Misses the Mark

Korean Eatery Misses the Mark

2/5 stars $$ Located on 18th Street a few blocks away from the Dupont Circle Metro Station, Mandu is a casual eatery for lunch or dinner. Mandu has two locations: the location I visited with my parents, and one on K Street. The one near Dupont is, quite simply, beautiful; the building has a lot of open space that is[Read More…]

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Leave Mai Thai Behind

Leave Mai Thai Behind

4/5 stars Thai food has been a staple in my life, from that served at the large, ornate restaurant in my hometown of Yangon, Myanmar to the small, loud and homey eatery nestled under the subway tracks in Queens. When I first tasted Mai Thai, I was worried that its[Read More…]

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