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Depression for Freshmen Peaks Nationally

An increased amount of college freshmen reported feelings of depression in 2014, according to a study released Feb. 5 by the University of California in Los Angeles. The Cooperative Research Program at UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute surveyed more than 150,000 students at 343 four-year colleges and universities as part[Read More…]

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The Asian American Student Association has started up a project called “Exposure: Redefined” with which they hope to reveal the diverse personalities of Georgetown’s Asian American community. The project is an impressive attempt to deconstruct generalizations.

Breaking the Mold

Exposure:  Redefined, a social media project started in January 2015 by the Asian American Student Association of Georgetown, aims to feature and empower Asian American students on campus in a “Humans of New York”-style photo project. According to its Tumblr page, “Exposure:  Redefined is a photo project aimed at featuring[Read More…]

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Album Review: ‘Onward and Sideways’

Album Review: ‘Onward and Sideways’

★★★★★ On Jan. 6, Joshua Radin self-released his sixth studio album, “Onward and Sideways,” an album that perfectly mixes his old, familiar style of songwriting with a refreshing and personal story that may make this album his best yet. Since the beginning of his career, Radin has been known for[Read More…]

Members of GRLA posed with Chanel President and COO John Galantic when he spoke in Gaston Hall last January.

Students Plan NY Summit

On Thursday, Jan. 29, the Georgetown Retail and Luxury Association will team up with Georgetown Women in Leadership to cosponsor the first-ever Global Luxury Summit at the Time Warner Center in New York City. The summit brings together CEOs and chairmen from top retail and luxury companies like Tom Ford[Read More…]

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Businesswomen Discuss  Wall Street Careers

Businesswomen Discuss Wall Street Careers

Georgetown’s Women in Leadership Initiative and the Georgetown chapter of the Financial Management Association hosted a panel and networking event Thursday in the Rafik B. Hariri Building about women and their roles in the financial sector, specifically on Wall Street. The panel, which was moderated by professor Lynn Doran from[Read More…]

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Amy Poehler’s humor shines through in her new book “Yes Please.” The memoir explores her rise to fame and the problems that she faced along the way, revealing a more relatable side of the “Saturday Night Live” star.

Book Review: ‘Yes Please’

“‘Yes Please’ is an attempt to present an open scrapbook that includes a sense of what I am thinking and feeling right now. But mostly, let’s call this book what it really is: an obvious money grab to support my notorious online shopping addiction. I have already spent the advance[Read More…]

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Despite Legalization, Marijuana Prohibited on Campus

Although voters passed Initiative 71 last Tuesday to legalize recreational marijuana in D.C., because of federal law, marijuana policies on Georgetown University’s campus will remain the same. Director of Media Relations Rachel Pugh explained that because federal law still prohibits the possession, use or production of illegal drugs, the university[Read More…]

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Lena Dunham’s memoir “Not That Kind of Girl” deals with issues of self-image and learning to accept yourself. The autobiography explores her personal struggles and what it took for her to find inner happiness.

Dunham Shares Struggles

“I am 20 years old and I hate myself.” And with that, “Not That Kind of Girl” throws us into the whirlwind that is the life of Lena Dunham. Humorous, heartwarming and heartbreaking, this memoir offers up a tale of a young woman and her very real, human experiences on[Read More…]


Album Review: ‘Lights Out’

★★★★★ For those who have never listened to Ingrid Michaelson before, now is the perfect time to start. Ingrid shines even brighter than she has in years past with her sixth album, “Lights Out.” If she sounds familiar, it’s because popular television shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy,” “One Tree Hill”[Read More…]

Album Review: ‘Louder’

Album Review: ‘Louder’

2.5/5 stars Between Broadway, “Glee” and now her breakout pop album, “Louder,” Lea Michele is generating a lot of buzz in the entertainment industry. “Louder” is a nice change of pace for those accustomed to her typical, theatrical performances. It doesn’t have a wow factor by any means, but it’s[Read More…]

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