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KAYE: Let Community Guide You

KAYE: Let Community Guide You

In November of my sophomore year, I returned home for a weekend to sponsor my brother’s confirmation to the Roman Catholic Church. As we sat in the church gymnasium awaiting his pivotal spiritual moment, my 13-year old brother turned to me and said, “Why are either of us here? We’re[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Taking Pride in Our Stories

On the first day of sixth grade, my father warned me not to get too attached or comfortable, as we would probably not be living in this school district by the end of the year. After an expensive, drawn-out divorce involving encounters with the police and my father losing his[Read More…]

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Colleges Must Create Equal Opportunities

Every March, students across the country fail to join elite higher-education institutions despite their hard work and intelligence. It is not because they were rejected; it is because they did not apply. While many of us followed in the blue and gray Hoya steps of our parents, or embraced the[Read More…]

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