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U.S. Needs to Turn the Page

Pay attention, because this isn’t a sentence you’re going to find in every issue: There are better things than THE HOYA that you could be reading right now. In a 2004 report entitled “Reading at Risk,” the National Endowment for the Arts found that literary reading is declining in America[Read More…]

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Gun Ban Has Triggered Safety

In 1973, Congress began allowing residents of Washington, D.C., to elect a City Council to handle primary governing functions. After three years, that Council passed the Firearms Control Regulations Act, which continues to prohibit anyone in the District from owning a gun, with the exception of police officers and owners[Read More…]

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Game Lost, But Not Hope

The agonizing sound of over 6,000 hearts breaking could be heard across the country – indeed, around the world – as Hoya fans watched the untimely end to Georgetown’s 2008 NCAA tournament bid this Sunday. Whatever their brackets may have said, all Georgetown students, alumni and other general supporters had[Read More…]

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Free Newspapers For All

As members of THE HOYA’s Editorial Board, we are all great believers in the importance of newspapers. As such, we’d like to applaud the progress, symbolic and actual, made by the successful partnership of GUSA and InterHall in working with the university to bring The New York Times, The Washington[Read More…]

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One Price for All Prints

Georgetown students in the College and the School of Foreign Service might feel an inkling of neglect upon watching their peers in the School of Nursing and Health Studies and the McDonough School of Business use up their semester’s printing and copy allowance. Students in the former group shudder at[Read More…]

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Welcome, ‘President’ Dowd

In the past five years, GUSA has held three disputed presidential elections, a track record that places the student association roughly on par with Libya, Pakistan and – we shudder to think – Florida. It’s true, though. In 2004, the Election Commission disqualified the winning candidate, Kelley Hampton (SFS ’05),[Read More…]

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Back Up Words With Actions

After several months of inattention and silence, the issue of race on the Hilltop is finally being addressed. Wednesday night, students gathered in White-Gravenor Hall to discuss issues of race on the Hilltop, building on a conversation that began and stalled last semester. Hopefully, this semester’s discussion will result in[Read More…]

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Wanted: Effective DPS Leader

The announcement of Darryl Harrison’s impending retirement from his position as the director of the Department of Public Safety signals the end of a nine-year chapter in the department’s history. Although there have been a number of high-profile security issues over the past academic year, Harrison is intending to leave[Read More…]

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Where Have the Jesuits Gone?

Few today recall the time when The Voice seceded from THE HOYA in the 1960s, or The Corp from GUSA a decade ago. Important events in their time, they barely enter our minds today. No one knows of the Philodemic Society’s original peers, the Phileleutherian and Philonomosian Societies. Filed away[Read More…]

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GU Loses a Gem in McAuliffe

At the close of the 2007-2008 academic year, Georgetown College’s Jane McAuliffe will be leaving her post as dean to fill her new position as Bryn Mawr College’s eighth president. cAuliffe has been instrumental in enhancing intellectual life on campus. Where many felt that faculty-student relations had become somewhat strained[Read More…]

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