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Stop SAC-ing New Groups

Student Activities Commission Fair has come and gone, and students have received at least a small taste of extracurricular life on campus. But to the new student who has an inspiring idea for a club or wants to create a new service trip – not so fast. As with many[Read More…]

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Promote Green Policies

Over the summer, we all saw the debate begin in Washington. We heard discussions about offshore drilling, nuclear power and corn-ethanol subsidies, just to name a few. With all these debates going on around us, we should start to examine our own campus and our personal actions. And, surprisingly, Georgetown’s[Read More…]

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Leo’s: Style Over Substance

What does the start of a typical semester at Georgetown have in common with a typical political campaign? Lots of promises are made, and no one ever seems to deliver. This year, however, we were happy to see that one promise came to fruition. The renovation of Leo’s was a[Read More…]

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18 Could Mean Legal to Drink

Most students have recognized a basic truth about college: It’s not the real world. In life after college, 10 a.m. isn’t “early,” skipping a scheduled meeting is a big deal, and what some students call “partying hard” is commonly referred to as “alcoholism.” But this truth is ignored by legislations[Read More…]

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We Deserve a New Safety Era

Welcome home, Georgetown. We hope you all had a great summer break, but now it’s time to get back to work – that goes for the administration and Department of Public Safety, as well. When we left for vacation, DPS was unfortunately already on vacation. This became clear after the[Read More…]

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At GU, You Get by With a Little Help From Your Friends

Those of you new to the Hilltop have come to a place that is much more than a school; Georgetown is a community, and, for many of us, it’s a home. You will soon see that while you may now be independent, you are not yet completely self-sufficient. You will[Read More…]

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We’re Mad as Hell, and We’re Not Going to Take It Anymore

Rarely do things occur at Georgetown that truly warrant outrage. But after incidents like the one that transpired this past weekend, the only emotion that can be felt is anger and fear. It is the student body’s duty to take this anger and put it to constructive uses. The Editorial[Read More…]

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It Could Be Ye Domesday for Georgetown’s Yearbook

A word to the wise Hoya: Take mental notes. Keep a diary. Snap some digital photos. Because the way things are going, the traditional form of documenting our time at Georgetown, the yearbook, may soon only be a shadow of its former self. Ye Domesday Booke, Georgetown’s official yearbook for[Read More…]

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A Relic Worth Bringing Back

What was once a shining star at Georgetown has dimmed to a barely noticeable glow, but some students believe that it can make a reappearance. Nestled between Kehoe Field and McDonough Gymnasium, the Astronomical Observatory is the third-oldest university observatory in the country. Georgetown students have been looking into the[Read More…]

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Put This Issue to Bed

As the year draws to a close, observant students can draw many lessons from the past year’s trials and tribulations. Freshmen have learned that doing every reading, though encouraged, is by no means necessary; seniors have learned that the 99 Days at The Tombs wouldn’t be as easy (or as[Read More…]

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