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A Relic Worth Bringing Back

What was once a shining star at Georgetown has dimmed to a barely noticeable glow, but some students believe that it can make a reappearance. Nestled between Kehoe Field and McDonough Gymnasium, the Astronomical Observatory is the third-oldest university observatory in the country. Georgetown students have been looking into the[Read More…]

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Put This Issue to Bed

As the year draws to a close, observant students can draw many lessons from the past year’s trials and tribulations. Freshmen have learned that doing every reading, though encouraged, is by no means necessary; seniors have learned that the 99 Days at The Tombs wouldn’t be as easy (or as[Read More…]

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Give Class Gift Back to Seniors

One familiar principle upon which the time-honored act of gift giving has always stood is that “it’s the thought that counts.”That sentiment is apparently lost on the Office of Advancement and the Senior Class Gift Committee, who over the past two years have successfully transformed the annual memento from the[Read More…]

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Don’t Let SmarTrip Be Delayed

The sweet advantages of GOCard ownership are obvious to even the least adventurous of Hoyas. Those delightful little plastic ID cards, fittingly emblazoned with images of our faces and our campus, allow us to enter into our dorms, check out books and eat at Leo’s and The Tombs. And, if[Read More…]

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Pope Could Learn From GU

A cacophony of preemptive praise and criticism has, inevitably, engulfed the national conversation as the public prepares for Pope Benedict XVI’s first official voyage to the United States. The pontiff’s delegation has a feast of earthly issues to deal with on top of its theological goals – from the logistical[Read More…]

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GUTS: Off the Path of Reason

The arrogance of area residents has once again ruined our day. Earlier this week, the Office of Transportation Management began redirecting its Dupont Metro GUTS buses from their usual short jaunt to a new circuit, which takes passengers on an adventure through Burleith and Glover Park up Wisconsin Avenue, to[Read More…]

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Minor Crime, Major Time

By any measure, this year’s Blanket New Orleans service trip was a model of success for Georgetown’s alternative spring break trips, attracting roughly 30 students to travel down to New Orleans in early March and assist in the ongoing recovery effort in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. For five days,[Read More…]

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Dollars Should Bring Change

This past week, the student body learned that over $800,000 in unspent club funds has accumulated in the reserve accounts of six advisory boards. These reserves are intended to provide backup funds in the event that a student club falls into a financial crisis. But it seems that $800,000 is[Read More…]

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Academic Ideas Lack Smarts

A year ago, an updated version of the Intellectual Life Report, released by the Committee on Intellectual Life, stated the shortcomings of the academic atmosphere at Georgetown University. On Friday, March 28, the Executive Faculty passed a set of resolutions that called for grading distribution guidelines and a recommended 30-hour[Read More…]

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U.S. Needs to Turn the Page

Pay attention, because this isn’t a sentence you’re going to find in every issue: There are better things than THE HOYA that you could be reading right now. In a 2004 report entitled “Reading at Risk,” the National Endowment for the Arts found that literary reading is declining in America[Read More…]

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