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Some Alumni Still Chime in

The oldest Chime, Frank Jones, at 88 years old, knows the youngest Chime, Max Stoiber (SFS ’11). Alumni fly in to sing at monthly Chimes nights at The Tombs and invite the current “Actives” to sing at weddings and at office Christmas parties. The Chimes are relatively unique in their[Read More…]

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Clubs Can’t Pressure Freshmen

Every fall, Georgetown sees a wave of new students who possess a potent combination of ambition, enthusiasm and almost total ignorance of the various clubs at Georgetown. This leads them to join, enroll and enlist in any and every organization that solicits their participation. Without a doubt, this influx of[Read More…]

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Sitting on the Sidelines Won’t Defeat Campus Intolerance

Georgetown is not the proudly open-minded, progressive place we all pretend it is. Though we present our campus as having a socially conscious, forward-thinking culture, it is an indisputable fact that bias exists at Georgetown. We cannot call ourselves a tolerant campus when intolerance and self-segregation are so prevalent. And[Read More…]

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Counsel for the Career Center

The beginning months of the academic year also mark the start of an often nerve-wracking process for seniors: the search for suitable post-graduation employment. These students turn to the most obvious resource available on campus, the MBNA Career Education Center, for guidance. Though the career center has many services available[Read More…]

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Blue and Gray Cannot Fade During Busiest Tour Season

First impressions are everything. When young high school students first step onto our campus, bright-eyed and eagerly attentive, they should be met with the best, most thoroughly trained tour guides Georgetown has to offer. They should receive a tour that is interesting, content-rich, entertaining and factually accurate. In the summer,[Read More…]

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Give Students Financial Sense

As an educational institution, Georgetown teaches us many esoteric facts concerning finance like the annual export in kilos of gold from the Nubians to the Egyptians during the new kingdom. Yet most Georgetown students are ill-equipped to handle their own financial decisions. The university provides students with tutorials on the[Read More…]

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Dis-O: Unity or Drinking’

The theme of this year’s Senior Dis-Orientation poses the question, “Why so Dis-Oriented?” Though its selection as a theme is no doubt merely a reference to the newest and extremely popular installment of the Batman series, this little play on words raises a deeper question about the nature of our[Read More…]

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Manners Make Good Neighbors

Moving off campus can be a liberating experience. One is free to engage in life’s simple pleasures such as hall sports (if one has a hall long enough) and is under no pressure to respect quiet hours during finals time. But when students move off campus, we often forget that,[Read More…]

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Lift Financial Burden Off Hoyas

Three weeks ago, Forbes magazine unveiled a new ranking of top colleges in the United States, and Georgetown University’s placement in the list may come as a surprise to many a proud Hoya. Instead of a lofty position in the Top 25, a rank we’ve grown accustomed to after holding[Read More…]

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Stop SAC-ing New Groups

Student Activities Commission Fair has come and gone, and students have received at least a small taste of extracurricular life on campus. But to the new student who has an inspiring idea for a club or wants to create a new service trip – not so fast. As with many[Read More…]

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