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Give Students Financial Sense

As an educational institution, Georgetown teaches us many esoteric facts concerning finance like the annual export in kilos of gold from the Nubians to the Egyptians during the new kingdom. Yet most Georgetown students are ill-equipped to handle their own financial decisions. The university provides students with tutorials on the[Read More…]

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Dis-O: Unity or Drinking’

The theme of this year’s Senior Dis-Orientation poses the question, “Why so Dis-Oriented?” Though its selection as a theme is no doubt merely a reference to the newest and extremely popular installment of the Batman series, this little play on words raises a deeper question about the nature of our[Read More…]

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Manners Make Good Neighbors

Moving off campus can be a liberating experience. One is free to engage in life’s simple pleasures such as hall sports (if one has a hall long enough) and is under no pressure to respect quiet hours during finals time. But when students move off campus, we often forget that,[Read More…]

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Lift Financial Burden Off Hoyas

Three weeks ago, Forbes magazine unveiled a new ranking of top colleges in the United States, and Georgetown University’s placement in the list may come as a surprise to many a proud Hoya. Instead of a lofty position in the Top 25, a rank we’ve grown accustomed to after holding[Read More…]

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Stop SAC-ing New Groups

Student Activities Commission Fair has come and gone, and students have received at least a small taste of extracurricular life on campus. But to the new student who has an inspiring idea for a club or wants to create a new service trip – not so fast. As with many[Read More…]

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Yates Fees Too Heavy to Bear

Georgetown has always worked hard to squeeze every last penny out of its students. Every semester, in addition to tuition, housing and a meal plan, we all pay a mandatory $100 student activities fee and a $311 membership fee to Yates Field House. If you live in a dorm or[Read More…]

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Promote Green Policies

Over the summer, we all saw the debate begin in Washington. We heard discussions about offshore drilling, nuclear power and corn-ethanol subsidies, just to name a few. With all these debates going on around us, we should start to examine our own campus and our personal actions. And, surprisingly, Georgetown’s[Read More…]

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Leo’s: Style Over Substance

What does the start of a typical semester at Georgetown have in common with a typical political campaign? Lots of promises are made, and no one ever seems to deliver. This year, however, we were happy to see that one promise came to fruition. The renovation of Leo’s was a[Read More…]

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18 Could Mean Legal to Drink

Most students have recognized a basic truth about college: It’s not the real world. In life after college, 10 a.m. isn’t “early,” skipping a scheduled meeting is a big deal, and what some students call “partying hard” is commonly referred to as “alcoholism.” But this truth is ignored by legislations[Read More…]

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We Deserve a New Safety Era

Welcome home, Georgetown. We hope you all had a great summer break, but now it’s time to get back to work – that goes for the administration and Department of Public Safety, as well. When we left for vacation, DPS was unfortunately already on vacation. This became clear after the[Read More…]

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