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Be Our Pre-Registered Guest

This weekend, an unprecedented number of people from around the country and the world will descend on the nation’s capital for the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama. Authorities have estimated that two million people plan to gather at the National Mall and along the parade route next Tuesday. Housing for[Read More…]

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Too Much, Too Soon

The transition to a new semester at Georgetown is often not an easy one, whether you’re returning from winter break, time off or a semester abroad. The first week back on the Hilltop is a reliably stressful experience: registration, books, baggage, bills to pay – it’s chaos. The university doesn’t[Read More…]

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Answered Prayers: The New Observance Policy

At the heart of Georgetown’s mission statement is a commitment not only to preserve the university’s Catholic and Jesuit heritage, but to allow for “serious and sustained discourse among people of different faiths, cultures and beliefs.” This commitment, of course, helps make Georgetown the culturally-rich community that it is. Nevertheless,[Read More…]

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Debug University Information Services

Do you know where the office of University Information Services is located? No, not the UIS Help Desk – by now, everyone on campus probably at least knows someone who has brought a malfunctioning computer to the inconvenient St. Mary’s Hall location. To find the office out of which UIS[Read More…]

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First Things First: GU Must Address the Lauinger Problem

Times are tough and getting tougher. Amidst a faltering economy and bleak job market, we all have had to scale back in one way or another. Within the Georgetown community, we have seen this crisis play out in a few different ways. The university endowment fund has depreciated. Hundreds, if[Read More…]

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Stop Charging Extra for Experience Abroad

The Office of International Programs must start playing fair. For students who have not yet undergone the harrowing logistical process that is study abroad, all study-abroad students pay exactly the same tuition – for the 2008-2009 academic year, that would be $18,768 per semester. While this price makes sense if[Read More…]

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A Time for Transparency: The Endowment in Crisis

Boston College’s endowment fund stands at about $1.75 billion. The University of Notre Dame: $7 billion. Harvard University: $37 billion. Georgetown University: $964 million and falling, as of Sept. 30. The billion-dollar question is: What’s happening with the endowment now? The size of the university endowment has long been a[Read More…]

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Leo’s Management Misses Mark

Last week, The Hoya reported that O’Donovan Hall was cited with seven violations by the District of Columbia Department of Health in an October report (Nov. 14, 2008, A1). To put this figure in perspective, consider this: Since Leo’s opened in 2003, this is the highest number of violations it[Read More…]

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Don’t Stop at Gmail

Georgetown has recently taken important steps to ensure that it provides up-to-date technology for students and faculty. University Information Services formed plans to switch the e-mail system to Gmail and this past week, InterHall conducted a survey on students’ wireless Internet preferences. But the university should not stop at fixing[Read More…]

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Spread the Blame for Proposition 8 Passage

On Election Day, while racial barriers were falling and long-held political assumptions were being overturned, a majority of Californians voted to constitutionally ban same-sex marriage in their state. In the following two weeks, the passage of Proposition 8 has sparked a number of large protests, including one held last Saturday[Read More…]

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