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Georgetown students and Fr. O’Brien, S.J., hold up a shirt made by Taggler, a customizable apparel startup founded by a Georgetown alum.

Alum Envisions the New Zazzle

Josh Wei (SFS ’08) is making waves in the customizable apparel industry with his startup company Taggler. A joint venture with Josh’s brother, Jason, a University of Southern California Marshall School of Business graduate, the company allows consumers to create and design custom T-shirts, tank tops, polos and a variety[Read More…]

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LEVINSON: New Climate Change Plan A Missed Opportunity

In June, the Environmental Protection Agency publicized its proposed regulation, the Clean Power Plan, which would cut carbon pollution from existing power plants. Now, the clock is ticking; the public has until Oct. 16 to comment, after which the agency will finalize the regulation next spring. The EPA calls the plan the[Read More…]

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The Frugal Hoya: Resources for Thoughtful Spending in the School Year

Coming back to school not only requires buying books, course packets and notebooks, but also replenishing your supplies and (for some), staying ahead of the trends. It all costs money, and there’s no way around it. But how can you manage to still afford not only the latest iPhone, but[Read More…]

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M Street’s Retail Takeover

M Street’s Retail Takeover

As students settle in on the Hilltop this week, they may notice sweeping changes to Georgetown storefronts. Over the summer, local businesses — most notably restaurants — have announced closure as new retailers prepare to take their place this fall. Serendipity 3, Chadwicks and Neyla are among those now absent[Read More…]

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Meta-Startup Aids Potential Investors

When the idea for Trendify dawned on me in February, I envisioned software that could analyze historical data to predict whether any given startup would succeed and determine potential pitfalls that the startup would face. The implications of this technology escaped me, as did the interest and demand it would[Read More…]

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Hilltoss Faces Delayed Opening

Last spring, The Corp’s newest endeavor, The Hilltoss, debuted at the Georgetown University Farmer’s Market. A response to student demands for healthier options on campus, the salad and smoothie storefront will open Nov. 1. While originally scheduled to open in conjunction with the Healey Family Student Center on Sept. 5,[Read More…]

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daniel smith/THE HOYA
Students are in the midst of navigating the recruiting process to score competitive jobs and internships in the financial world.

Students Vie for Internships

It can be hard to imagine working 80-hour weeks during summer vacation while friends are traveling abroad or relaxing, but Georgetown students interested in the sometimes cutthroat world of finance and consulting welcome the opportunity to land lucrative paychecks and potentially a job offer. To attain these coveted positions, students[Read More…]

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Analytics Startup Gets $390K

Social marketing tool Encore Alert, co-founded by a Georgetown alum and a current student, announced March 17 that it raised an impressive $390K seed round. CEO James Li (MSB ’13), VP of Product Tammy Cho (MSB ’16) and Chief Technical Officer Felipe Lopes, who joins Encore from Brazil, co-founded Encore[Read More…]

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Saxbys Barista to Owner

Saxbys Barista to Owner

Business ownership is a “one day” dream for many people. It definitely was for me, starting when I watched Jack and Elizabeth Egle build Saxbys Coffee — where I worked as a barista during my junior and senior years at Georgetown — into a successful coffee shop and a well-loved[Read More…]

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Saatchi CEO Shares Advertising Expertise

Saatchi CEO Shares Advertising Expertise

CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi Kevin Roberts discussed how companies today are changing businesses through creative advertising Tuesday evening in the Lohrfink Auditorium during an event titled, “Winning the World: How to Succeed in the Age of the Idea.” The event was sponsored by the Georgetown Retail & Luxury[Read More…]

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