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Pick Out The Good In All The Bad

Pick Out The Good In All The Bad

“Florida State University College of Arts and Sciences has conferred upon Kiara Leanne Touros the degree of Bachelor of Science Biological Sciences with all rights, honors and privileges blah, blah, blah, etc., etc.”   It hangs in my sister’s room, which looks more like a storage closet than anything at[Read More…]

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I’m home. I’m home, and although that doesn’t seem like it should be a big deal, I can assure you, it is. It’s been almost seven months since the last time I landed in Florida. Seven months since I’ve seen either of my parents’ faces, seven months since I pet[Read More…]

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It’s My Truth

It’s My Truth

When I wrote “What Would You Do for Your Dream School?” (The Hoya, April 5th 2015, A3), I had no idea that I would be writing a love letter to my future self. The idea of a dream school is something I’ve struggled with for at least half of my life. Well,[Read More…]

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Not Any Story

Not Any Story

My voice shook as I read out the first lines. “A weasel is wild. Who knows what he thinks?” Around me, bloodshot eyes alternated between openly staring at my face and gazing unfocused into the distance, while ears curiously awaited the words that would follow. I had gathered my closest[Read More…]

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The Real Me

The Real Me

I have been deliberately open and honest about my feelings and intentions. To be otherwise would suggest that they are shameful, wrong or disagreeable to me. I will never let another person invalidate the way I feel. I will never be ashamed to be who I am. And I will[Read More…]

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The End of a Year and the Search for a Home

Well folks, here we are. It’s the end of the semester, the end of the year, and for some graduating next month, the end of an era of education as they are off to the real world. Copley Lawn is finally green again, the late-budding cherry blossoms on campus have[Read More…]

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What Would You Do for Your Dream School?

While enjoying a Thursday night out in Virginia with my friends on Easter Break, I got a text that transported me back to that horrible time last year, “So it turns out I won’t have to decide which college I want to attend. I don’t have a choice.” April is[Read More…]

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Friendships That Are Here to Stay

Last May, we— the current freshmen— all signed our friends’yearbooks (and even those of people we wouldn’t have expected wanted a few words from us) with notes of love and excitement and optimism. “Sitting next to you in bio has been so fun!” “I loved all our crazy talks in[Read More…]

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College is a Temporal Beast We Can Conquer

When I chose to come to Georgetown, I knew full well that I was leaving behind everyone I had known from high school, which was even a swaying factor in my decision. It was going to be a fresh start no expectations, no presuppositions, just me as I am. We live[Read More…]

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The Fine Print of Maturing

Growing up in a big family — with two older siblings and a younger brother for whom to set an example — I have always felt like I had to grow up quickly to keep pace with them. I have always felt like I was speeding toward maturity faster than other[Read More…]

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