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GU Students Participate in Ramadan Fast-A-Thon

There was a call to prayer, Muslim students knelt to pray as their non-Muslim counterparts watched in silence, and then they ate dinner. But this was not a typical Saturday meal. The 100 students gathered for dinner had all fasted for the day out of solidarity with Muslims and the[Read More…]

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Panel Criticizes Lack of Debate Surrounding West Bank Barrier

Members of an Israeli human rights organization debated Israel’s construction of a separation barrier in the West Bank in a presentation Wednesday. Jessica Montell, executive director of Jerusalem-based B’Tselem, told nearly 50 students that the construction of the barricade is undermining Israeli security. “Despite enormous financial and humanitarian costs for[Read More…]

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Georgetown Alumnus Embedded in Iraq

As the base sirens shriek their Alarm Red signal, warning of an imminent Iraqi attack, Ben Arnoldy (COL ’98) jumps into his chem-bio suit, fumbling with his gas mask and scrambling for cover. Breathless, sweating in his hot rubber suit, he hopes that rumors about the inaccuracy of Iraqi missiles[Read More…]

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Institute for Diplomacy Presents News Awards

The Institute for the Study of Diplomacy awarded Carla Robbins, Chief Diplomatic correspondent for The Wall Street Journal, and Karen DeYoung, Associate Editor for The Washington Post, with the Edward Weintal Prize for Diplomatic Reporting, an annual award presented to one or more journalists for excellence in reporting on foreign[Read More…]

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‘Orange’ Alert Level Spurs Emergency Preparedness

As the war in Iraq gets underway, the nation continues to be on high alert for terrorist attacks. The newly created Department of Homeland Security upgraded the nations’ terrorist alert to code orange for the second time this year on Monday, and Georgetown implemented increased security measure to address the[Read More…]

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Expert Outlines Middle East Strategy

The Honorable Dennis B. Ross laid out a roadmap for American priorities after a war in Iraq, which he says is nearly inevitable, that includes stabilization, the war on terror and the resumption of the Israel-Palestine peace process. Ambassador Ross helped shape the Middle East peace process through diplomacy and[Read More…]

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Panelists Discuss Middle East Area

Four panelists representing an array of political perspectives offered their opinions on the state of United States-European Union relations and the impact the debate about the war on Iraq is having on these relations Monday evening. Discussing transatlantic attitudinal differences toward Iraq, the Israeli-Palestinian debate and terrorism, the panelists explored[Read More…]

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Activist Harak Warns War Would Devastate Iraq

A small group of students and peace activists attended the first Richard T. McSorley, S.J., Peace and Justice Lecture last Thursday to hear Rev. G. Simon Harak, S.J., speak about the effects of war and sanctions on Iraq. Harak urged listeners to view the world through “peace eyes,” and consider[Read More…]

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Justice Arbor Advocates U.S. Support For International Criminal Court

The Honorable Louise Arbor, Canadian Supreme Court Justice, spoke about the International Criminal Court and presented her case for universal jurisdiction on Wednesday. Arbor was the lead prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTFY) and successfully indicted former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic. Speaking to a crowd[Read More…]

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