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Milder Under-21 Penalties for Bars

Establishments that violate underage drinking laws will now receive a slap on the wrist for first-time offenses, according to a new law passed by the D.C. Council last month. Previously, bars and restaurants caught serving to minors faced a two-day suspension of their liquor licenses accompanied by a $1,000 fine.[Read More…]

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The Corp Still Fighting for Hoyapedia

The “About” section on the Corp-sponsored Web site says it all: “There is currently no text in this page.” The site, which was created after members of The Corp conceived the idea over a year ago, functions like, allowing students to create and edit pages about organizations, events,[Read More…]

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Corp’s Net Income Plunges 53 Percent

Despite another year of positive operating incomes for six of the seven Corp services, investment losses have led to an over 50 percent drop in the student-run corporation’s net income from fiscal year 2007 to fiscal year 2008. According to Jesse Scharff (COL ’09), The Corp’s chief executive officer, The[Read More…]

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In Third Year, Senate Mission Still Unclear

Now in only its third year, the GUSA Senate has played a role in major changes on campus, including last year’s negotiations of alcohol policy reforms with the administration and creation of the Student Commission for Unity. However, during this time, the senate still remained an organization in limbo, as[Read More…]

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Oil Tycoon Takes No-Oil Stance

Exactly 115 years after America’s first gasoline-powered car was unveiled by Charles and Frank Duryea, the United States faces a fork in the road and, with it, a fundamental choice about the future of energy. At the center of this debate, the most unlikely of figures brought his plan for[Read More…]

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DPS to Start Sexual Assault Defense Program

After a reported armed sexual assault shocked campus in April, the Department of Public Safety announced plans to launch a sexual assault defense program for female students on Wednesday at a safety open forum in the Intercultural Center Auditorium. DPS Director Jeffrey Van Slyke administered the Rape Aggression Defense Systems[Read More…]

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Most Alcohol Amendments Accepted

While beer pong tables are back, make sure not to let the kegs pile up in your house. Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson accepted four proposals for compromising student demands and university policies – beer pong tables will be allowed, party registration will be facilitated, the Student Code[Read More…]

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GU Breaks Relay for Life Fundraising Record

Bright lights and large crowds may not be an unusual sight on the Multi-Sport Facility, but this Friday night it was not a lacrosse game that was drawing the crowd. Over 2,600 students, live performances, a 60-foot inflatable obstacle course and rows of tents filled the football field Friday in[Read More…]

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Damned if Pats Did, Damned if They Didn’t

February 3, 2008, left a gut-wrenching feeling in a New Englander’s stomach that he has not felt since a certain home run by a certain New York Yankee in October 2003 in a certain ALCS. It is a blessing this New Englander was spared from seeing Bob Lobel, sports reporter[Read More…]

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