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Facilities Workers Reject Proposed Contract

Facilities Workers Reject Proposed Contract

Georgetown facilities workers rejected the university’s proposal to increase annual wages by 2 percent Wednesday, opening up the possibility of a general strike. In a two-part vote conducted Monday at the main campus and Wednesday at the Georgetown University Law Center, workers voted in a 2-1 ratio against the tentative[Read More…]

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Georgetown Scholarship Program Promotes Campaign

Georgetown Scholarship Program Promotes Campaign

The Georgetown Scholarship Program launches its third annual #GSProud campaign today with events lined up for the week to celebrate students from low-income and first-generation backgrounds at Georgetown. #GSProud began two years ago in celebration of GSP’s 10th anniversary as a campaign to acknowledge Georgetown’s socioeconomic diversity and has evolved[Read More…]

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GUPD Investigates Cyber Harassment

The university is investigating potential cyber harassment incidents by a Facebook account under the name John Carroll, after a student and the Georgetown University Student Association reported the account for multiple incidents of harassment following President-elect Donald Trump’s Nov. 8 victory. The account sent private messages to multiple students, including[Read More…]

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GUSA Senate Approves Referendum

Undergraduate students will vote on a campuswide referendum to abolish the Georgetown University Student Association senate and replace it with a new elected assembly Dec. 1, after the senate voted 21-6 last night in support of the proposal. GUSA Senate Speaker Richie Mullaney (COL ’18) presented the final version of[Read More…]

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GUPD Investigates Flyers

The Georgetown University Police Department is investigating flyers posted on and off campus this weekend advertising a “Frito Bandito Party” to be hosted last night, which featured phrases misattributed to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump regarding immigrants. The flyers included the address of a private residence off Georgetown’s campus, as[Read More…]

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86 in the Class of 2018 are declaring language minors in  the first year the SFS has offered the minors.

SFS Sees Uptake in Foreign Language Minors

One in four seniors in the School of Foreign Service has declared a foreign language minor since the SFS began recognizing foreign language minors this fall, with Arabic, Chinese, French and Spanish language courses remaining the most popular choices among students. Eighty-six out of about 350 students in the Class[Read More…]

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Georgetown University partnered with the United Nations and nine other universities to promote gender parity.

UN Initiative Sparks HoyasForShe Initiative On Campus

As one of the ten IMPACT partner universities with the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women’s gender equality initiative, HeForShe, Georgetown launched the first phase of a campaign for gender equality on campus this week. HeForShe is an international movement that aims to engage people[Read More…]

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GSP students were given access to free mental health resources and appointed an in-house wellness adviser as a result of an anonymous donation this academic year.

Donor Sponsors CAPS Services for GSP

Georgetown Scholarship Program students can now receive all Counseling and Psychiatric Services mental health resources for free, and schedule appointments with a CAPS staff psychologist specifically assigned to supporting GSP students as of the beginning of this academic year through a partnership funded by an anonymous donor this summer. GSP[Read More…]

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As the dining contract expires, Aramark and Sodexo come under scrutiny for their treatment of workers.

Dining Contract Concerns Raised

As the university approaches its December contract renewal deadline with Aramark, the two finalists for the meal service contract — Sodexo and current auxiliary services provider Aramark — presented their plans for future dining offerings, covering programming initiatives, sustainability issues and meal plan structures, at open house events on campus[Read More…]

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GUSA is launching an informational campaign to garner student support for the recently finalized 2017-2036 Campus Plan.

GUSA Rallies Support for Campus Plan

A week and half after the university finalized the 2017-2036 campus plan, the Georgetown University Student Association will launch an informational campaign to increase student awareness about the plan’s implications on student housing. GUSA released a memorandum of understanding on its website signed with the university in May that prevents[Read More…]

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