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One Song, One Story at a Time

Rocking to the rhythm of a gospel beat, my voice resonates with messages of love and hope as I sing with members of the Georgetown University Gospel Choir. After singing at choir practice in Dahlgren Chapel, I rush over to THE HOYA office for production night where my pen will[Read More…]

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Family of Brothers

The red and white striped walking canes might give it away. Or perhaps the “skeeeeeee weeeee” calls to ladies in pink and green might let you know. Whether it’s through the paraphernalia or activity programming, Black Greek Letter Organizations – fraternities specifically tailored to the black community – are alive[Read More…]

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Scholars Stay in Business

Corporate America could use a makeover. It’s not that it doesn’t have its beauty marks here and there, but the wrinkles of male dominance need to be straightened and patches of white dominance could benefit from more professionals of color. Of course the blemish of greed needs smoothing with a[Read More…]

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Applied Faith

Sunday morning isn’t the only time to crack open your Bible. And you don’t have to wait until Shabbat service to hear a lesson from the Torah. Every day, thousands of students at Georgetown study theology. While it is primarily taught from an academic standpoint, some Georgetown students find it[Read More…]

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An Inside Look at the Black House

Andreas Jeninga/The Hoya From the outside, 1410 36th Street looks like any of the surrounding residences – a white, two-story townhouse with a narrow three-step porch. But to many students at Georgetown, it’s known as the Black House, established 30 years ago after 10 black students protested in then-University President[Read More…]

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Author Speaks About True Nature of Georgetown’s First ‘Black’ President

Fr. Patrick Healy, S.J., was Georgetown’s first black president. But the students and school didn’t know it back in the day, explained James M. O’Toole, the author of Passing for White: Race, Religion and the Healy Family, 1820-1920. O’Toole spoke to an audience of about 50 faculty and staff with[Read More…]

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College Examining Schedules, Curricula

Fifteen credits per semester, five classes, three credits each – it’s the most common student semester course load at Georgetown. But that could change if research on curriculum and schedule changes by a College committee led Georgetown to follow the credit-hour systems in place at some peer institutions. Under the[Read More…]

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Judge Rules On Recruiting Lawsuit

RELATED LINKS-Law Students Protest Recruitment Oct. 7, 2003-Law School Coalition Files Federal Lawsuit Sept. 26, 2003-Protestors Say Military Violates GU Nondiscrimination Policy Oct. 8, 2002 The lawsuit contends that the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy toward homosexuals is in violation of the Association of American Law Schools’ bylaw 6-4,[Read More…]

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Suit Filed Against Medical Schools

A group of young physicians has sued a national medical program and 29 medical schools and teaching hospitals, including Georgetown University Hospital, claiming the program engages in anticompetitive practices that create conditions where residents receive insufficient pay for the long hours they work. While the suit would affect all 126[Read More…]

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Burning the Midnight Oil

Aaron Terrazas/The Hoya Sellinger Lounge remains filled with students studying and sleeping at all hours. College students often sacrifice sleep while balancing classes, extracurriculars and jobs. The name of a white chocolate mocha, spiked with four shots of espresso, offered at The Midnight Mug calls to mind the very nature[Read More…]

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