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SHEEL PATEL/THE HOYA | Students gathered to create a mock wall of art for Israeli Apartheid Week on Monday. The artwork has been displayed in the Intercultural Center Galleria throughout the week.

SJP Hosts 15th Annual Apartheid Week

Georgetown University’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine erected an artistic representation of the 400 mile wall in the West Bank on campus as part of its 15th annual Israeli Apartheid Week to raise awareness about the Israeli state policies against Palestinian citizens. Israeli Apartheid Week, which began April[Read More…]

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JAY SEAN | FACEBOOK The process of choosing an artist began last March, when concert co-chairs released polls over social media, followed by a partnership with an agent to come up with a list of possibilities within the organization’s budget range.

Jay Sean, Jesse McCartney to Headline Spring Concert

Musical artists Jay Sean and Jesse McCartney will perform in the McDonough Gymnasium on Friday, April 12, as co-headliners for the Georgetown Program Board’s annual spring concert, GPB announced this week. This year’s concert differs from previous years’, with two main artists scheduled instead of two openers and a headliner.[Read More…]

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WILL CROMARTY/THE HOYA | A review of Georgetown University's yearbook found five instances of blackface and several other symbols of racism and bigotry.

Blackface, Bigotry Found in University Archives

Georgetown University’s archives are on the fifth floor of Lauinger Library, and its yearbooks have been digitized for anyone to delve into. These physical and digital records host old stories and photos of past Georgetown students, including images of blackface, racial slurs and other blatant symbols of bigotry. In the[Read More…]

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AMBER GILLETTE/THE HOYA Anne Landre (SFS '21) was sworn into a two-year position on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E, which oversees Georgetown and surrounding areas, Feb. 4. Landre joins Mathias Burdman (COL '21) who was sworn in earlier this month.

2 GU Students Sworn Into Local Government Positions

Matias Burdman (COL ’21) and Anna Landre (SFS ’21) were sworn into positions on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E by Feb. 4 following a Nov. 6 election. Burdman and Landre replaced Zachary Schroepfer (SFS ’19) and Mara Goldman (SFS ’19), who have filled the seats for the last two years.[Read More…]

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AMBER GILLETTE/THE HOYA | Ryan Zuccala (MSB '20), left, and John Dolan (MSB '20) want to pressure the administration to reduce tuition.

Zuccala, Dolan Tackle GUSA Inefficiencies

AMBER GILLETTE/THE HOYA | Rosemary Kilkenny, left, and Todd Olson, right,

Georgetown to Begin Conducting Second Sexual Misconduct Survey

Georgetown University’s 2019 Sexual Assault and Misconduct Climate Survey is set to open to the student body Friday and run through March 1. The national survey is administered by the Association of American Universities, which designed the survey to assess the frequency of campus sexual assault and misconduct in a[Read More…]

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3rd Annual Women’s March Rallies Amid Claims of Antisemitism

3rd Annual Women’s March Rallies Amid Claims of Antisemitism

An estimated 65,000 protesters participated in this year’s Women’s March in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 19, even as the organizers face widespread criticism because of close association with antisemitic rhetoric. Tens of thousands assembled in D.C. on Saturday to protest in favor of the rights of minority groups, an end[Read More…]

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Radiators in New South have been found to contain black mold, contributing to student respiratory ailments, such as bronchitis.

Black Mold Infiltrates Dorms, Causing Health Ailments

Only four days into her freshman year, Oona Nash (COL ’22) contracted bronchitis. When she went to the Student Health Center, the doctors gave her antibiotics. Nash expected to get better, but her illness got significantly worse over time. She discovered in October the culprit of her ailment: black mold.[Read More…]

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2017 First Destination Report: Consulting, Finance Top Industries

2017 First Destination Report: Consulting, Finance Top Industries

Seventy-three percent of graduates of the class of 2017 are employed part-time or full-time and 16 percent are enrolled or plan to enroll in graduate school, according to the first destination report for the class of 2017. The survey received responses from 66.2 percent of the class of 2017, a[Read More…]

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NATIONAL CATHEDRAL Matthew Shepard will find his resting place at the Washington National Cathedral 20 years after he was targeted and killed for his sexual orientation. Shepard’s parents were initially reluctant to bury their son in 1998 following his murder, fearing potential vandalism at his grave, but have decided to inter his ashes at the cathedral Oct. 26 because of the importance of the Episcopal Church in Shepard’s life.

Matthew Shepard to Be Interred at National Cathedral

The ashes of Matthew Shepard will be interred at the Washington National Cathedral on Friday, Oct. 26, 20 years after his murder in a homophobic hate crime. When he was 21 years old, Shepard was killed in a hate crime that drew nationwide attention in 1998. Shepard’s parents cremated him[Read More…]

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