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Restaurant Review: Adventure and Authenticity Within Range

Restaurant Review: Adventure and Authenticity Within Range

Founded by James Beard Award-winning chef Vikram Sunderam, Bindaas aims to take its diners on a tour through the streets of India one course at a time by serving Indian street food in a sophisticated manner. Located in Cleveland Park, the restaurant exemplifies the neighborhood’s ability to attract adventurous eaters[Read More…]

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Chinese Flair with French Refinement

Nestled downtown within the Shaw neighborhood, Kyirisan is one of the District’s most exciting new eateries. The restaurant is an expression of chef Tim Ma’s Chinese roots and French culinary training. Open since March, the eatery finds itself located among a mixture of trendy bars and restaurants alike. Kyirisan feels[Read More…]

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Nazca Mochica offers its diners an engaging atmosphere with an intriguing layout and attentive staff, contributing to a unique Peruvian dining experience.

A Peek Into a Peruvian Palette

★★★★☆ The latest addition to Washington, D.C.’s wide array of ethnic eateries, Nazca Mochica is conveniently located just two blocks from Dupont Circle on P Street, specializing in a contemporary version of authentic Peruvian fare. Serving a selection of dishes rooted in Peruvian cuisine with a modern twist, the restaurant[Read More…]

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Curry and pie are on full display at the aptly named Curry & Pie, which opened this month in the space formerly occupied by student favorite Eat & Joy.

Simple Standards at Curry & Pie

★★★★☆ Curry & Pie, which replaced late-night student hangout Eat & Joy, presents a modern take on the flavors of Indian cuisine. The restaurant, which opened this month, primarily serves authentic curries and innovative pizza pies. The eatery’s attempt to master Indian fusion is promising and sure to attract hungry[Read More…]

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The Weeknd’s newest album displays his development as an artist while sustaining his traditional lamenting and emotional style.

Album Review: Beauty Behind the Madness

★★★★★ In the ever-competitive music world, becoming a recognizable star almost always takes immense skill, combined with at least a bit of luck — unless the sound of one’s voice brings the names of legends to mind. Abel Tesfaye, more commonly known by his stage name, The Weeknd, possesses one[Read More…]

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Southeast Asian Dishes Fail to Charm

Southeast Asian Dishes Fail to Charm

★★☆☆☆ $$ Tucked away in a relatively nondescript red brick building just past M Street on L, Charm Thai embodies the phrase “hole in the wall.” Already an uncommon destination for Georgetown students because of its much closer competitor Mai Thai, this restaurant has more flaws than just its location.[Read More…]

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Album Review: ‘American Nights’

Album Review: ‘American Nights’

Having not released a full album in over four years, the Plain White T’s new album was surrounded by varied expectations. Although it produced past hits, including “Hey There Delilah” and “Rhythm of Love,” the band has been unable to maintain this success in recent years. Its most recent attempt[Read More…]

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Movie Review: ‘Chappie’

Movie Review: ‘Chappie’

★★☆☆☆ Director Neill Blomkamp’s latest sci-fi work, “Chappie,” explores a futuristic world patrolled by a robotic police force. Blomkamp’s creative yet realistic cinematography and original storylines in past projects within the genre — namely “Elysium” and “District 9” — made his newest film a highly anticipated one. Unfortunately, “Chappie” didn’t[Read More…]

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Album Review: ‘Smoke and Mirrors’

Album Review: ‘Smoke and Mirrors’

★★★★☆ After its debut studio album release of “Night Visions” in 2012, Imagine Dragons immediately became a sensation. As an alternative rock band with upbeat songs, its appeal spans across many different music tastes. The great success of its first album not only made the extended wait for its second[Read More…]

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Newest Sweet Treat in D.C. Gives Off Good Vibes

Newest Sweet Treat in D.C. Gives Off Good Vibes

★★★★☆ The newest trend emerging in the culinary world is that of the specialty dessert shop. One example of such is Baked by Yael, a small bakery specializing in the intricate art of the famous cake pop. Transitioning from an exclusive delivery service to its first storefront two months ago,[Read More…]

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