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GOLDSTEIN: Finding Identity in History

GOLDSTEIN: Finding Identity in History

When I walk past Lauinger Library these days, I think of Fr. Leonard Neale, S.J. When Neale was president of Georgetown College from 1798 to 1806, his bedroom in Old South — the first building to grace the Hilltop — doubled as the campus library. Every night Neale would unfold[Read More…]

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GOLDSTEIN: Solving the Club Culture Crisis

“Club culture” is one of Georgetown University’s most profound social crises — but it is also our most solvable. Our community has been denouncing club culture since at least 2013, when the student-made film “Sleep When You’re Dead” highlighted the central role of exclusive clubs in Georgetown’s social life and[Read More…]

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Preparing for 2018’s High-Stakes Game

We should be angry. We should be angry at neighborhood leaders for forcing the university into a series of costly and prohibitive agreements that are not only bad for students but also bad for the community itself. We should be angry at university administrators for acquiescing to major neighborhood demands[Read More…]

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Michelle Xu

In Qatar, SFS Subject to Brutal Regime

Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service operates a satellite campus in an oppressive Middle Eastern dictatorship. Funded by oil money and corrupt sheikhs, Georgetown University effectively condones and promotes the human rights abuses of our host country. Why does no one talk about this? Georgetown is not alone; we’re one[Read More…]

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