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Seniority Does Not Always Mean Superiority

Courtesy Anne Rittman Anne Rittman “None of these senior girls are wearing black pants!” That was me freshman year, in a backyard at a party on 36th Street, having just come face to face with my own tacky freshman-osity. No, Virginia, seniors don’t wear black pants, even in Fall of[Read More…]

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Admissions Changes

After 12 years of offering a restricted Early Action policy, Georgetown has altered its Early Action admissions program to allow applicants to apply to other universities’ Early Decision programs. This change in admissions policy for the class of 2007 was a response to revised guidelines issued last year by the[Read More…]

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INAUGURATION DeGioia Shows Resolve, Humility During Ceremonies

INAUGURATION DeGioia Shows Resolve, Humility During Ceremonies By Anne Rittman Hoya Staff Writer Dan Gelfand/The Hoya Degioia stands alongside honored inauguration guests. He walked into the Constitution Hall auditorium after the 15-minute processional – a solitary figure clad in the blue and gray doctoral robes of his alma mater. The[Read More…]

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ALUMNI Recent GU Grad Missing In Trade Center

Recent graduate Vanessa Kolpak (COL ’01) is missing following the attack on the Trade Center. Recent graduate Vanessa Kolpak (COL ’01) has been counted among those missing from the World Trade Center after last Tuesday’s terrorist attacks. Kolpak, 21, works at Keefe, Bruyette & Woods on the 89th floor of[Read More…]

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Alumni Georgetown Alumni Missing Amid Trade Center Chaos

Alumni Georgetown Alumni Missing Amid Trade Center Chaos By Anne Rittman Hoya Staff Writer Members of the Georgetown University alumni community are still missing after Tuesday’s terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. At press time, there was one confirmed death, law alumna Lisa J. Raines (L ’82),[Read More…]

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Obituary Raines (L ’82) On Flight 77

Obituary Raines (L ’82) On Flight 77 By Anne Rittman Hoya Staff Writer Charles Nailen/The Hoya A student participates in a candlelight vigil on Thursday night. Lisa J. Raines (L ’82) died Tuesday while aboard American Airlines Flight 77 when the hijacked plane crashed into the Pentagon. Other Georgetown University[Read More…]

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Polkey Lobbies To Increase Federal Student Aid

Anne Rittman/The Hoya Aaron Polkey (COL ’02)lobbied Congress yesterday to increase federal student aid. Speaking as one of the more than 55 percent of Georgetown undergraduates receiving financial assistance, Aaron Polkey (COL ’02) testified yesterday in front of U.S. House of Representatives legislative assistants about the necessity of providing college[Read More…]

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Students Call for More Disclosure

Students discussed changes to disclosure policies and disciplinary procedures at a town hall meeting Wednesday night, proposing modifications and arguing the merits of varying degrees of disclosure. Sponsored by the disciplinary review committee and attended by a handful of students, the meeting was designed to allow students to have exposure[Read More…]

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Alum Mortara Dead at 51

A member of Georgetown University’s board of directors, ichael Mortara (SFS ’71), died in his Litchfield, Conn., home Sunday at the age of 51. President and chief executive of GS Ventures, a Goldman Sachs-financed business, Mortara’s death was caused by a brain aneurysm, according to an article in the New[Read More…]

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Henle Village Trash Chute Catches Fire Sunday Night

A trash chute in the Henle Village apartment complex caught fire Sunday night, bringing five fire trucks to the scene to extinguish the blaze. Because of its recessed location, the fire was contained and partially extinguished by Department of Public Safety officers before the D.C. fire department arrived at the[Read More…]

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