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Economics, A Love-Hate Relationship

Thomas Carlyle first coined the phrase “dismal science” back in the 19th century to describe the field of economics. In a modern setting, the term aptly fits the majority of students’ relationship with the subject. Walk through Lau 2 in in the middle of the semester and you will see[Read More…]

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When it Comes to Hookups, It Is All a Game

When it Comes to Hookups, It Is All a Game

As I graduate this semester with a degree in economics, I’m still having trouble figuring out what exactly I’ve learned in those countless lectures filled with supply-and-demand graphs and equations. By no stretch can I call myself an economist — yet, as I reflect on my coursework at Georgetown, I[Read More…]

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Housed in Miscommunication

A few months ago, students on the Hilltop gathered in protest when they found out about the subtle, yet radical change in Georgetown’s housing policy. The decision to redact the housing eligibility of students studying abroad, thus preventing them from participating in housing selection, illustrates the Office of Residential Living’s[Read More…]