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Green Efforts Gain Momentum on Campus

University President John J. DeGioia announced in 2008 that Georgetown would undertake an ambitious commitment to halve the university’s carbon footprint by 2020. Is this sustainability plan well on its way to realization or is it merely a pipedream? Karen Frank, vice president for facilities and student housing, minces no[Read More…]

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Hail to the Chief

Hail to the Chief

Image ContributorUniversity President John J. DeGioia has presided over extensive campus development and fundraising efforts. IN FEBRUARY 2001, Georgetown made history, naming its first lay president to succeed Fr. Leo J. O’Donovan, S.J. at the helm of the university. For the last eight years and counting, John J. DeGioia has[Read More…]

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Residents Weigh In On Campus Plan

The rhetoric is familiar. any residents of West Georgetown and Burleith are fed up with students’ late-night parties, noise levels and excessive trash in the communities surrounding the university. It is the never-ending story of town-gown relations. This time, however, the context is different, and the implications are more significant.[Read More…]

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Students Reflect, Fast for Jewish Holiday

Jewish members of the Georgetown community observed Yom Kippur yesterday through a day of prayer, fasting and solemn reflection. This year, students noted special significance in the services, held in Gaston Hall, as Rabbi Harold White, the university’s Jewish chaplaincy director and senior Jewish chaplain for over 40 years held[Read More…]

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A Campaign Unfinished

A Campaign Unfinished

Image ContributorA 1942 photograph pictures Copley Hall, which was completed in 1932 during the tenure of University President Fr. Coleman Nevils, S.J. In 1874, Fr. Patrick Healy, S.J. became president of a small, regional college and preparatory school in the nation’s capital: Georgetown. According to R. Emmett Curran, an emeritus[Read More…]

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Students Hope to Give Back With Model UN Conference

Students Hope to Give Back With Model UN Conference

Image ContributorEna Dekanic (COL ’11) and Matt Shapiro (SFS ’11) discuss the rewards and challenges of planning this year’s NAIMUN conference. *Many students at Georgetown spend much of their free time on extracurricular projects, but few take on a project as daunting as the [North American Invitational Model United Nations[Read More…]

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Incomplete Science Center Limits Faculty Expansion

Incomplete Science Center Limits Faculty Expansion

Image ContributorConstruction for the new science center was planned to begin in 2008, but has recently been stalled due to the recession. As [the Hariri Building officially opens its doors this semester as the new home of the McDonough School of Business](, the lot beside it remains, quite simply, a[Read More…]

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Time to Get Serious About Promoting Diversity

In the two weeks since The Hoya’s annual April Fools’ issue, we have taken a close look at our identity as Georgetown’s community newspaper of record and ways in which we can better fulfill our mission. At the public forum held last week, members of the community expressed ways in[Read More…]

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Foolish Decisions Demand Reflection and Dialogue

On Tuesday, THE HOYA published its annual April Fools’ humor issue. As usual, it was full of jokes that were crude, but in some cases, it crossed the line. The issue has spurned campus-wide opposition: in a Facebook group with over 200 members, in a town hall meeting, and in[Read More…]

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Letter From the Editor

Due to a technical error on the part of our printing company, issues of THE HOYA distributed Friday afternoon contained Tuesday’s editorial page (A2). The newspaper is currently being reprinted, and the correct edition will be in the stands by early Saturday morning. We apologize for any confusion. Sincerely, Andrew[Read More…]

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