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OUT OF OFFICE: Defending the American Identity

In the United States, I am from New York City. In Copenhagen, this identity is secondary to being from “the States.”  As a student studying abroad, I have had to grow accustomed not only to being a conduit for U.S. ideas and realities, but also to being interrogated or berated[Read More…]

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OUT OF OFFICE: Solitude and Self-Discovery

At Georgetown, I am rarely alone — physically or mentally. Throughout the school day, I am surrounded by classmates and professors; in the evenings, I see my roommate, my friends and other students at club meetings. In part because of this scheduling, I am also always surrounded by aspects of[Read More…]

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For ‘The Children Act,’ Skip the Theater and Read the Book

For ‘The Children Act,’ Skip the Theater and Read the Book

★★★☆☆ “The Children Act,” the latest film adaptation of an Ian McEwan novel, has a strong cast and a compelling plot but fails to live up to the allure of its literary counterpart. The film, which is directed by Richard Eyre and distributed by FilmNation Entertainment, BBC Films, A24 and[Read More…]

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OUT OF OFFICE: Abroad and Unscheduled

Routines form the basis of life at Georgetown. Class schedules provide the infrastructure, extracurriculars fill in the gaps and the remaining free time is devoted to daily necessities like eating and sleeping. Going abroad throws a wrench in this scheduling. When I got to Copenhagen, Denmark, my typically overbooked schedule[Read More…]

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OUT OF OFFICE: Transient Permanence

College is a time of disguised instability. At 18 years old, four years in one place seems like a long time, but it isn’t. Each fall when we move into dorm rooms, we hang up posters and register for classes and take another step toward independence and adulthood. Part of[Read More…]

Meditation Fosters Peace and Reflection on Campus

Meditation Fosters Peace and Reflection on Campus

The room is small, bright and quiet, with a small table at the center surrounded by floor cushions and chairs. A meditation leader begins to recite the words of John Main, a British Benedictine monk famed for his meditation techniques, followed by the boom of a gong. Then, silence. Thus[Read More…]

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Nomadic Theatre’s ‘She Kills Monsters’ Addresses Death and Mourning With Dungeons & Dragons

Dialogue around sexual orientation and grief, the 1990s and the fantasy world of Dungeons & Dragons are all incorporated in The Nomadic Theatre’s newest show “She Kills Monsters.” The show, written by Qui Nguyen, focuses on Agnes Evans, a young schoolteacher living in 1995 Athens, Ohio. At her college graduation,[Read More…]

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Environmental Film Festival Combines Art and Activism

Screening over 100 films at nearly 30 locations across Washington, D.C., the D.C. Environmental Film Festival is informing and impressing audiences from March 15 to 25 with a broad selection of environmental cinema. The DCEFF, now in its 26th year, is the largest film festival in the District and the[Read More…]

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Women in Comedy Stand Up and Stand Out

Jim Gaffigan (MSB ’88), Mike Birbiglia (COL ’00), Nick Kroll (COL ’01) and John Mulaney (COL ’04) — all names that could sell out comedy clubs across the country. At one point, they called the Hilltop their home. And, incidentally, all of them are men. The overwhelming maleness of Georgetown’s[Read More…]


Cigarette Use Does Not Vanish With Vaporizers

Although Georgetown University can often feel like a bubble, its students are not immune to fluctuating trends in vaping and use of cigarettes. While cigarette use among teenagers is at an all-time low, the number of students vaping is skyrocketing, which may cause cigarette use to increase again. Georgetown is[Read More…]