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ALEXANDRA BRUNJES/THE HOYA | Though The Tavern offers student discounts and other options for the budget-shopper, students often shy away from the storefront. As a branch of Sweetgreen, The Tavern seeks to bring fresh produce to shoppers by working directly with farmers. With the purest intentions and the chicest store, The Tavern is worth a visit.

The Tavern Offers a Reimagined, Upscale Version of Sweetgreen

In 2007, three young Georgetown graduates founded a salad shop called Sweetgreen and opened up its first location within walking distance from their alma mater on M Street. A few months before the unveiling of Sweetgreen’s large Wisconsin avenue location in spring 2017, the original shop closed its doors for[Read More…]

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Alexandra Brunjes/The Hoya | After garnering a following of over 800,000, Calloway decided she wanted to share life lessons from moments like the collapse of her book deal with her fans. So strong is her influence that her fans were willing to pay $165 for her spur-of-the-moment workshop world tour. Yet Calloway’s tour seems to have turned into another messy situation.

Instagram Influencer Embarks on Tumultuous Tour

As a blizzard swept through Washington, D.C., on Jan. 13, magic was brewing inside a bright, plant-filled event space in Georgetown: Instagram influencer Caroline Calloway was leading her creativity workshop, the second in an inaugural tour she had planned to host this spring. With Instagram’s growth as platform, the people[Read More…]

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Amy Li/The Hoya | Centered around the lives of three teenagers — Cristin Cowley (MSB ’20) as Diwata, left, Nate Weiand (COL ’21) as Solomon, right, and Ben Ulrich (SFS ’20) as Howie — “Speech & Debate” is an inventive and enthralling experience, from the performances to the production value. Directed by Mark Camilli, the play deals with timely issues affecting young people.

Powerful Performances Shine in ‘Speech & Debate’

On the surface, “Speech & Debate” seems dry and cliche-ridden: Three outcast teenagers in an oppressively conservative town come together to form a debate club. Below the surface, Georgetown University’s Mask and Bauble Dramatic Society’s newest production is anything but predictable. A production co-sponsored with the theater and performance studies[Read More…]

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Lantern Entertainment | “The Upside” is a fairly successful attempt to adapt the hit French film for U.S. audiences, featuring a standout performance from Bryan Cranston, right.

Cranston Shines in Remake of ‘The Upside’

★★★☆☆ In 2012, the film “Les Intouchables,” a French box-office hit, played on screens across the United States, quickly stealing hearts and becoming the highest-ranking non-English-language movie ever released. Seven years later, an American remake of the film called “The Upside” attempted to capture the same success. Starring Bryan Cranston[Read More…]

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‘Becoming Astrid’ Reveals Iconic Writer’s Hidden Struggle

‘Becoming Astrid’ Reveals Iconic Writer’s Hidden Struggle

★★★★☆ Presented by Nordisk Film Production and Avanti Film, “Becoming Astrid” acquaints audiences with the personal history of beloved author Astrid Lindgren and provides a window into the life that inspired many of her stories. With a thoughtful performance by Alba August in the titular role and evocative cinematography punctuated[Read More…]

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OUT OF OFFICE: Packing the Essentials, Appreciating Life From Abroad

One of the most stressful parts of study abroad preparation in August was also one of the most routine: packing. I found it surprisingly overwhelming to look at all of my clothing, school supplies and knickknacks and decide what to leave behind for four months. How many pairs of shoes[Read More…]

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El Deseo

‘El Angel’ Captivates With Evocative Visuals and Gripping Performances

★★★★☆ “We all have a destiny. I was born a thief.” With this line, director Luis Ortega’s new film “El Angel,” a biographical drama about Argentina’s most notorious criminal, Carlos Robledo Puch, begins. Viewers hear this thoughtful voice-over while watching Carlos, played by rising star Lorenzo Ferro, do what he[Read More…]


OUT OF OFFICE: Balancing Quotidien Life with Tourist To-Do’s

One of the internal tug-of-wars I’ve been grappling with during my time abroad has been my identity in Copenhagen: am I a tourist or a local? My time is limited, yes, but still long enough that I engage in activities typically reserved for locals, such as grocery shopping or getting[Read More…]

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OUT OF OFFICE: Defending the American Identity

In the United States, I am from New York City. In Copenhagen, this identity is secondary to being from “the States.”  As a student studying abroad, I have had to grow accustomed not only to being a conduit for U.S. ideas and realities, but also to being interrogated or berated[Read More…]

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OUT OF OFFICE: Solitude and Self-Discovery

At Georgetown, I am rarely alone — physically or mentally. Throughout the school day, I am surrounded by classmates and professors; in the evenings, I see my roommate, my friends and other students at club meetings. In part because of this scheduling, I am also always surrounded by aspects of[Read More…]

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