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Novel Digs up Provoking Questions

Novel Digs up Provoking Questions

Fans of Kazuo Ishiguro’s “Never Let Me Go” have been waiting 10 years for the next novel by their favorite international best-selling writer. Unfortunately, most followers will likely be disappointed with his result, “The Buried Giant.” Ishiguro is a remarkable storyteller, particularly because each of his books explores an entirely[Read More…]

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Provost Seeks Student Input Via Committee

A new student advisory committee to the Office of the Provost will establish a forum for student representatives to communicate academic issues directly with University Provost Robert Groves. In an Oct. 24 blog post, Groves said that the committee will provide him with an understanding of student needs that he[Read More…]

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Yield Hits 47% in Return to Norm

Georgetown saw a 47 percent yield rate for the 2012 admissions cycle, a 1.5 percent drop from last year’s record high of 48.5 percent. Of 3,317 accepted students, about 1,565 have submitted deposits to secure a their spot in the Class of 2016. While the Office of Undergraduate Admissions is[Read More…]

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Valerie Earle: A Professor and Pioneer

Valerie Earle: A Professor and Pioneer

Government professor Valerie Earle, one of the first female professors to teach in Georgetown College, led a career of firsts on the Hilltop. Earle, who died in 2004, was the first female chair of a university department, the first president of the Georgetown University Faculty Senate and, in 1974, became[Read More…]

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Acceptance Rate Hits Record Low

Georgetown broke several records this admissions cycle, receiving an all-time high number of applications and recording an all-time low acceptance rate of 16.5 percent. According to Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Charles Deacon, this change is good news for the university. “The new low acceptance rate indicates that Georgetown continues to[Read More…]

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GU’s Admissions Rate Hits Record Low

Georgetown’s acceptance rate dropped slightly to reach an all-time low of 16.5 percent this admissions cycle, after a year in which a record number of applications were received. Of the 20,111 total applicants to the Class of 2016, 3,316 were accepted. Last year, 3,468 of 19,275 applicants were admitted, marking[Read More…]

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Admissions Hits Crunch Time

Admissions Hits Crunch Time

For members of the admissions review committees, the last few weeks of March are among the busiest of the year. And with a record 20,050 applications received this year, committee members have more work on their hands than ever before. Admissions committees are responsible for reading and reviewing a percentage[Read More…]

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Georgetown Recruits Close to Home

While some students spend several hours and hundreds of dollars traveling to visit their families back home, Darryl Robinson (COL ’15) lives only a 10-minute bus ride away. “It feels like every day, when I get up, I’m not at Georgetown,” Robinson said. “I don’t feel like anything has changed[Read More…]

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Legacies at Home on the Hilltop

Ziad Saqr (NHS ’15) never wanted to go to school here. But when he was applying to colleges last fall, his older brother Eyad (SFS ’13) was a sophomore obsessed with all things Georgetown. “He would tell me about all the basketball games and force me to watch the games on TV,” Ziad said. Still, Ziad didn’t intend to[Read More…]

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Wisconsin Ave. May Hold Festival

Pending the approval of several neighborhood and city organizations, Wisconsin Avenue might become home to a monthly Georgetown street festival within the coming year. Wisconsin Avenue business owner John Hays, who first pitched the idea, envisions roping off the road from Q through M Streets once a month from 10[Read More…]

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