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A Last Goodbye to a Dining Hall

As our ranks are joined by over 1,500 new students, the line for Leo’s is sure to extend well past the GUTS bus stop and toward the new Multi-Sport Facility. Of course, this year the line will be even longer, as the university has crushed the flagship of its dining[Read More…]

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Campus Groups Overshadow Hobbled GUSA

It’s all coming back to me now. For two years, I have tried hard to put the 2004 GUSA presidential election – and the very public controversy surrounding it – behind me. The disputed results of last week’s election, however, combined with some good old-fashioned senioritis, have led me to[Read More…]

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Juniors in the Cold

Frustrated Georgetown students are rarely a quiet group, and right now, there are a lot of frustrated Georgetown students because of the deliberate malice of the housing department. The housing eligibility point system for the 2005-06 academic year purposefully discriminates against the class of 2006 and will harm the class[Read More…]

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Looking Back While Moving Forward

Well, it’s over. After months of appeals, arguments, hearsay and rumors, Kelley and Luis were sworn into office on Tuesday evening as your GUSA President and Vice President. No longer will anybody have “President-elect” following his or her name, no longer will people stop us in the hallway (this much[Read More…]

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Giblin Ready to Drive Home Campaign Goals

Sometimes great possibilities can arise despite tumultuous circumstances. No one believes that the controversy surrounding this year’s GUSA elections was positive; however, we now have the opportunity to look forward, rather than backward, to an exciting year in office. Our goals are broad and realizable, and it is our sincere[Read More…]

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Support Your Neighborhood, Vote in D.C.

Here’s a fact for you: If you sleep in the District of Columbia for more than 183 nights of the year, you have to file income tax returns for the District, even if it’s not your “official” home. Here’s another fact: Local Georgetown residents have, in the past few years,[Read More…]

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