Tired of looking at Georgetown’s transportation website every time he wanted to ride a GUTS bus, Chris Cronbaugh (COL ’12) decided to create an application to check arrival times.

Now with the new “Next GUTS” application, Android phone users can quickly view the Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle schedule. Cronbaugh’s free application tells users the next departure time of a GUTS bus from a specific location.  Stops featured by the application include Wisconsin Avenue, Rosslyn, the Law Center and Dupont.

Danielle Filipponi (MSB ’13) thinks the application will help students and professors alike.

“From my own personal experience during rush hour on Fridays, it’s difficult to coordinate making GUTS buses with making the Metro. This application will definitely help plan efficiently,” she said.

Released Monday night, the application can be downloaded from the Android Market, but it will only function on devices running Android 2.1 or higher.

“Since I started learning Java this semester, which is the language that Android applications are written with, I decided that I could easily create an application that determines the amount of time that I have left before the next bus leaves,” Cronbaugh wrote in an email.

Cronbaugh pre-released the application on Facebook for about a week and a half before the official release, and reported positive feedback from students using the application.

“I believe that this application will help Georgetown students, staff and visitors make better use of the GUTS buses by more easily being able to access the schedules that they run on,” Cronbaugh said.

“It beats having to search for the GUTS bus website on your smartphone” Felicia Charles (COL ’12) said.

Other students think that it would be more helpful if the application were available on other smartphones.

“I wish he would make an app for the BlackBerry,” Henry Jennings (MSB ’13) said.

Cronbaugh has received requests to create an iOS version of the application that is compatible with iPhones and said that he is in the process of developing it. He does not have an estimated completion date at this time.


 — Hoya Staff Writer Jacqueline Wangel contributed to this report.

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