To the editor:

As a recent alumnus and long-time editor at The Hoya, the university’s response to the belligerent and disrespectful group, Plan A: Hoyas for Reproductive Justice, angered me. I spent countless hours begging, fighting and planning in order to soften the university’s unreasonable stance on The Hoya becoming an independent newspaper. After more than a year of work with alumni, writing letters and gaining support from students, I saw results. And all I wanted to do was make a better student newspaper that could offer a substantial journalism experience to students.

Now, a loud, brash group shows up, disrespects this school, its founder and faith tradition and receives more than just the curt `no’ I received so many times – even though this group espouses ideas that are an anathema to Catholic teachings. There is no consistency in this administration, and it too often succumbs to outlandish and public stunts, rather than reasoned arguments based on fact and genuine goodwill.

There is a reason why this country’s government does not openly negotiate with terrorists. When does it end now, President DeGioia? Which group will next gain your ear by chaining themselves to the statue of our founder and acting the fool?


Fiore Mastroianni (COL ’09)
Former Sports and Layout Editor, BOD

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