It was an epic battle, but in the end, the Hoyas triumphed over the Blue Devils on Saturday – and the Hilltop celebrated.

As Georgetown hurtled toward its 87-84 victory, many students were glued to their TV sets. Some held their emotions in check, not wanting to get their hopes up. Others whooped and hollered, hoping their passion would somehow carry the team.

The luckiest Georgetown fans – a few thousand students and alums – found themselves at the MCI Center, where the noise was deafening and the electricity in the air palpable.

Finally the unthinkable happened. The Hoyas had won. They had vanquished a No. 1 team for the first time since 1985. Let the Devils be damned!

Only seconds later, as fans rushed MCI Center’s court and CBS cut to their next basketball game, townhouse doors swung open and students ran into 37th street. Some were stunned. Some were drunk. As complete strangers hugged each other, an impromptu “Hoya Saxa” chant echoed throughout the streets.

Hours later, Georgetown’s men’s basketball team sat and watched the Hoya women nearly pull out an upset of their own, as the campus waited to erupt into a uniquely frenetic night of parties and merry-making.

Two days have passed, yet the magic hangs in the cool Hilltop air.

We beat a No. 1 team in our biggest win in 20 years. The Hoyas are nationally ranked. Only days ago, this seemed impossible. Today, members of the Hilltop stand united with only one thought: Bring on Notre Dame.

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