pie pieNearly half a year after local landmark Tuscany Cafe shuttered in June, Georgetown students are still without the ideal spot to fulfill weekend-night munchies. Epicurean is expensive, Eat & Joy draws mixed reviews and places like Good Stuff Eatery close far too early to fill the late-night void.

As it happens, the answer to this dilemma might be closer than you’d think: O’Donovan Hall.

The university brought food trucks to campus last winter in an attempt to reduce the crowds of students disturbing the neighbors late in the evening. And while the food trucks have since found a stable following, opening Leo’s between, say, midnight and 3 a.m. on weekends for burgers, pizza, chicken tenders and the like has the potential to bring even more students back to campus. Unlike food trucks, the dining hall would provide an indoor place for students to socialize throughout the year without disturbing the neighbors. It would also allow students to make use of their meal plans, perhaps even adding incentives for upperclassmen hesitant to invest in one.

Of course, considering a late-night Leo’s option raises several concerns. Additional staffing would be necessary, and the university would likely be required to pay kitchen staff overtime wages. Epicurean’s foray into an around-the-clock operation has been a financial disappointment, so the potential profitability of a similar venture at Leo’s could very well be questioned. However, the proximity of West Georgetown, Village A and all but one freshman dorm to Leo’s gives it a broader appeal than Epicurean — not to mention the chance to use prepaid meal swipes rather than cash.

Students are still wondering what will be the next cherished late-night destination. It would be in the best interest of both students and administrators if it turns out to be Leo’s.

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