Beginning in fall 2013, Georgetown will offer coursework through EdX, a massive open online course platform launched in May by Harvard and MIT. These courses are not limited for enrollment to those currently on the Hilltop but rather are available for free to anyone with Internet access.

EdX aims to promote learning and provide education for a global audience — for students of all ages, backgrounds and economic means. The platform will allow students around the globe to reap the benefits of Georgetown’s and other prestigious universities’ word-class faculties and programs. EdX currently features courses from only a handful of schools, making Georgetown’s decision to engage in the initiative all the more significant, embodying the university’s objective of extending its values and opportunities beyond the front gates.

The program also allows participating universities to study how diverse groups of students learn. The pedagogical research garnered from this kind of program will be invaluable in discovering how people learn and how we can begin to bridge the educational gaps in the global community. It also presents an opportunity for current Georgetown students interested in partaking in such research.

EdX is an example of how technology can better the global community. Now that Georgetown has entered the fold, hopefully more institutions will follow suit. It is through education that individuals can change the world, and it is inspiring to see Georgetown offering an opportunity for education to those who are not able to tread cautiously around the Georgetown seal themselves.

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