If there’s one place Georgetown students can be counted on to intern every semester, it’s Congress. With this trend in mind, the university has added a new Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle bus that will make the commute from the Hilltop to the Hill easier.

While the exact logistics of the route, which will travel between Georgetown and Capitol Hill, have yet to be determined, it is clear that any direct path between the two heavily trafficked locations will considerably cut down on the commute time for students and other members of the Georgetown community who travel between the two locations.

The addition of a shuttle bus route that travels to Capitol Hill is an example of university services adapting to the needs of the student body. By adding this new route, Georgetown has effectively encouraged students to take full advantage of the resources in the vicinity of the Hilltop, and has reduced barriers — both physically and financially — that may have limited students in some way from pursuing internships in other neighborhoods of Washington, D.C.

In addition to this program’s practical benefits, it is just as significant that it was first brought to the university’s attention through IdeaScale. As students continue to share ideas and support one another’s projects on the idea-sharing platform, the implementation of the new GUTS bus service shows a promising commitment to the forum and bodes well for other ideas — that for now remain a pipe dream.

Given the size and diversity of our campus, IdeaScale provides a necessary platform to ensure that all voices at Georgetown have the chance to be heard. Hopefully, the implementation of the new GUTS route is just one of many ideas that will be addressed by the administration.

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