On Saturday, the 1,382 members of Georgetown’s Class of 2014 will undoubtedly share feelings of joy and accomplishment as they walk across the graduation stage.

From the moment that these graduates began filling out their applications to Georgetown more than four years ago to the last words of their senior theses and final exams, their Georgetown careers have entailed countless hours of exertion and tribulation, both academically and emotionally. Each member of the Class of 2014 deserves the moments of celebration that are sure to make this weekend especially memorable.

But, as all of us have come to learn, the trials of college have required us to seek the guidance of others, whether from a concerned friend, a loving parent, a thoughtful professor or even a considerate stranger. While graduation is often a celebration of individual accomplishments, the success of the Class of 2014 that will be celebrated tomorrow would be impossible without the counsel and support of these mentors.

And just as much as individual graduates’ efforts will be validated in tomorrow’s ceremonies, the efforts of those who have offered their steadfast support and concern will be validated as well. Graduation day is an opportune moment to thank those who have provided their invaluable assistance throughout the past four years.

The champions and benefactors of our college experience deserve more thanks than we could express through mere words. Yet, on the most climactic day of college amid graduates’ own commencement, a moment of recognition is a good place to start.

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