The D.C. Zoning Commission extended the 2010 Campus Plan testimony  on Monday night to allow for additional testimony by the District Department of Transportation.

The commission voted 5-0 to grant the request after testimony from DDOT and Georgetown, scheduling the next hearing for Nov. 17.

The majority of commissioners were not pleased by the delay.

“Frankly, I’m a little frustrated with the applicant and DDOT,” Vice-Chairman Konrad Schlater said. “The fact that we have to wait three months to get good data and make a decision frustrates me.”

After DDOT said they could not support the plan without more information from the university, Georgetown provided more reports. The evidence they presented did not satisfy DDOT however, and Georgetown, backed by the department, asked for a continuance to allot more time for DDOT analyze the plan.

The commission closed the record to public testimony, with the exception of further input specifically regarding transportation.

The Citizens Association of Georgetown opposed the continuance motion because they felt that prolonging the decision enables the university to continue admitting students without the enrollment caps the community has advocated.

Maureen Dwyer, university counsel, reminded the commission that Georgetown is self-imposing limits on enrollment without an official ruling.

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