Recent Georgetown alumnus Florian Lorenz (MSB ’10) died earlier this week due to complications from a chronic heart condition.

An international student from Switzerland, Lorenz left his mark on Georgetown, working in both the McDonough School of Business Technology Center and the Office of International Programs and serving as the president of Georgetown UNICEF during his senior year.

Describing her brother, Christina Lorenz (MSB ’12) said, “He was always in a good mood, he always helped everyone who asked him and he was always very rational.
… When I needed help, he told me not to worry and comforted me.”

Because of his heart condition, Florian knew there was a possibility that he could die at any time, but, according to his sister, he never lost his optimism.

“He wanted to live life like a normal person,” Christina said.
Florian’s best friend at Georgetown, Brata Yudha (MSB ’10), said that his friendship with Florian blossomed during the first day of International Students Pre-Orientation.

“He was the first person I met,” Yudha said.

A memorial service was held in Florian’s honor in Copley Crypt Chapel Thursday.

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