TO THE EDITOR: As a Hoya alumnus, I must take exception to the “Hey, you suck!” cheer that students sing at our basketball game. I came to Georgetown just before big John Thompson Jr. retired, and suffered through seven sub-par Georgetown basketball seasons before John Thompson III revived the program. I am one of those young alumni who have maintained season tickets and our support for the Hoyas throughout the most disappointing stretch in our team’s history (that any of us can remember, anyway). The section under the basket on the Hoyas’ side of the court that is now a crammed student section just three years ago was mostly vacant and occupied by about 40 diehard young alumni because student interest in Hoya basketball had fallen off so much. During those years we cheered hard for our team, but we were never obnoxious. Now that our squad is back on top, it seems that a lot of front-running fans are back and more than willing to scream classless cheers that quite frankly make our team and our university look bad. I was having a discussion with a fellow diehard young alumnus during a timeout in the West Virginia game. We were discussing who is the classiest team in the Big East. Just as I began to claim it was the Hoyas, my point was drowned out by thousands of jeering screams of “Hey, you suck!” We both quickly agreed it was not Georgetown, although it probably used to be. I believe that our coach and our team are a true class act. Let’s do our part as fans of this program and conduct ourselves with a little more dignity. We should start by ending this stupid cheer. Randy Erwin (MSB ’01) Feb. 20, 2007

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