Yates Field House released its second annual student survey Thursday in an effort to beef up its services and equipment.

The Fitness and Wellness Student Satisfaction Survey, conceived by Director of Fitness MeghanDimsa and Yates Field House Director Jim Gilroy, was sent in an email to all Georgetown students.

“My goal after composing and sending the survey is to simply listen and do what I can … to improve fitness and wellness at Yates,” Dimsa wrote in an email.

The survey comprises 27 questions that solicit student opinion on equipment maintenance, facility cleanliness and staff professionalism.

“Without assessing what our students want, I am unable to effectively program quality fitness classes, purchase state-of-the-art fitness equipment and put suggested ideas and changes into motion,”Dimsa wrote. “The responses from this survey are taken very seriously with an intention to do what I can to improve Yates.”

Joe Fiorica (COL ’14), who said he works out at Yates up to three times a week, felt that the facility has room to improve in terms of equipment.

“There [are] not enough benches and … free weights, so sometimes you can end up trying to rush to get the equipment before someone else or end up waiting,” he said.

Other students have concerns about the availability of equipment and facilities that are shared with varsity athletic teams.

“There’s always an elliptical free when I go, so I’m happy,” Bridget Mullen (COL ’15) said. “But sometimes it can be hard to find time to use the pool because the varsity team is always practicing.”

According to Dimsa, clear and constructive feedback has the ability to change the Yates experience.

“Clearly, not every comment, concern or request can be addressed immediately; however, the input will continually be addressed and in many cases implemented,” she wrote.

Despite its shortcomings, Fiorica said his experiences at Yates have been positive overall.

“I’ve been to gyms at other schools, and while there is room for some improvement [at Yates], we already have a great gym,” he said.

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